What Is Vegan Soap?

I’m a vegan, and I’ve been wanting to know what’s the difference between a vegan soap and regular soap, because I see some stores selling vegan soap, but when I go in there they have their regular soap and the only thing they say about it is that it’s not made with animal fat or animal byproducts. What is a vegan soap?


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    The main difference between a vegan soap and a regular soap is that a vegan soap does not contain animal products, like lye, or any animal by-products. A vegan soap is free of animal products, including lye, and contains only vegetable oils, water, and plant enzymes. There are many different types of soaps. There are hand soaps, face soaps, body washes, etc.

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    Vegan soaps are manufactured with vegetable-derived fats or oils rather than solubilized animal fats. Veganism, according to the Vegan Society, encourages customers to shun all items that include animal-derived substances.

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    For a soap to be considered vegan it must not contain anything from or produce by an animal. A noted grey area is the ingredient palm oil because the way it is being collected in some places is harmful to animals. Moreover, for a soap to be vegan it has to be made from fats or oils of vegetable origins. Hope this helps!

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