The Best Vegan Gifts For Him [May 2022]. Ethical Ideas He Will Love

Vegan Gifts Ideas for Him. What To Get For The Vegan Men In Your Life for Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day

You’ve had many conversations with the vegan man in your life about his best vegan cookbooks or that aftershave he wants, but it’s almost time to exchange gifts and you’re feeling a little lost for choice. Of course, it’s got to be vegan and cruelty-free… but also to his taste.

Finding the perfect present for a vegan man is a lot easier now as there are more options available from animal-free clothing items to cruelty-free self-care products, and so on. I’ve put together a guide to help you figure out what to get for him if you’re stuck for ideas, with much inspiration so that you have no more trouble.

It is often said that men are hard to buy for, but this list may just change your mind. So, let’s take a look at our top-10 best vegan gifts for him that he will definitely love.

We divided all vegan gifts into several categories, you can find them in the Table of Content for easier navigation.

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Personal Care Products

The popular saying “if you feel good, you look good” could not be more true. Self-care products can go a long way in making someone feel better about themselves, it’s one of the best ways to take care of yourself. If there is a male in your life you think could benefit from some vegan and cruelty-free products, look no further!

1. Bulldog Energizing Face Wash

bulldog energizing face wash

Cleansing is important, even if you are a man. Your skin still needs the same amount of maintenance regardless of gender which brings us to this product. Created when there wasn’t much skincare for men, Bulldog has created a variety of products to choose from for all different skin types.

Bulldog isn’t just kind to skin, they are also planet and animal-friendly too. The brand has been certified by Cruelty-Free International and is on the road to becoming even more plastic-free with its recyclable and reusable products. So if the man you are buying for likes sustainability, there’s plenty to be found here!

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2. Huron Body Wash

huron body wash

I’ve heard a few men say they’re not bothered about the body wash they use, but why should they miss out on all the great vegan and cruelty-free products out there? Including this nourishing body wash that has been designed to refresh and moisturize, don’t be surprised if after a week it is off-limits to everyone else because of how brilliant it is.

If that isn’t enough to tempt you, as well as 100% vegan and cruelty-free, the packaging is completely recycled. Huron is thinking of the planet and animals, what more could you want?

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3. Jack Black Shave Cream

jack black shave cream

Though it wasn’t created by the man himself, this product is definitely worth buying. A vegan and cruelty-free shaving cream that is made up of organic ingredients, so you are more aware of what your skin is absorbing.

This brand offers a variety of other vegan products, including cruelty-free razors which aren’t always easy to find. Should you consider buying a shaving-based vegan gift – Jack Black has got your back!

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4. Mountaineer Beard Oil

mountaineer beard oil

It just goes to show that you can be vegan and still have quality products, this next recommendation is an example of that. If you know someone who likes to take care of their beard then Mountaineer provides the beard maintenance product your vegan male friend may be looking for.

With an affordable price, it’s certainly one to consider as nobody is missing out on anything here. Suitable for anything from stubble to a full beard, the natural ingredients in this oil will keep it hydrated and itch-free along with the skin underneath.

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5. Herban Cowboy Dusk Cologne

herban cowboy dusk cologne

Heads could turn if you’re out with your male vegan friend/partner and he’s wearing this cologne. Smelling good is the ultimate way to feel better about yourself so if there’s a man in your life who loves to spray cologne before he leaves the house, this could be his new scent!

Every product sold by Herban Cowboy is completely vegan and cruelty-free, and it doesn’t just stop at cologne. They also sell deodorant, shaving products, and many other male grooming items. This brand is passionate about being cruelty-free and leaving animals out of their products, which is why they had to be on this list.

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Accessories Gift Ideas

This category can be a bit tricky as a vegan. Many men’s accessories such as wallets and watches normally use leather, which is what we want to avoid. I believe no animal should have to suffer especially when there are plenty of alternative materials out there. Luckily many brands are creating vegan accessories for men that work just as well, take a look below to see what I recommend.

6. Access Denied Vegan Leather Wallet

access denied vegan leather wallet

Another brand that steers clear of any animal harm or materials when it comes to their products. This is the perfect high-end, but affordable vegan gift for men in your life, especially if they’re passionate about being cruelty-free.

With a one-year warranty, this wallet is durable and has plenty of slots and compartments to meet his needs. Access Denied sells more than just vegan leather wallets with different designs, they’ve got many other items worth checking out.

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7. Doshi Vegan Belt

doshi vegan belt

When it comes to belts, they’re an everyday essential that usually can be found anywhere. However, when it comes to checking the materials used, leather is usually always found. It’s not easy to find one that is good quality, will last longer, and most importantly vegan.

Doshi has created many vegan belts to make the process easier if you’re looking to buy one as a gift. They give 5% of their revenue to charities that help animals, people, and the environment so not only will you be helping a friend, you’ll be helping the planet too!

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8. Hurtig Lane Vegan Leather Watch

Hurtig Lane Vegan Leather Watch

For a statement piece that will last a long time, a Hurtig Lane watch is exactly what you need. With a slightly higher price, you are giving vegan gifts that are suitable for any occasion and works with any outfit. There are plenty of designs to choose from with a variety of collections if you’re buying for someone with a specific taste.

The watch straps are made from recycled materials and Hurtig Lane is very passionate about being sustainable with all of its products. The fashion world is still quite focused on using animals and unethical practices, but this brand showcases how accessories can be brilliant quality and completely cruelty-free.

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9. Matt and Nat Vegan Crossbody Bag

Matt and Nat Vegan Crossbody Bag

Everyone needs a bag for their essentials, as sometimes pockets just don’t cut it. If there’s a vegan male in your life you think may need somewhere to put his keys, sunglasses, and other frequently used items, this crossbody bag will do the trick.

The interior lining is made from plastic bottles and the brand is entirely vegan cruelty-free. An ethical choice that even if used daily, will last forever because of its remarkable quality.

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Clothing Items

Vegan clothes are generally easier to find, but once the weather starts to get colder and you require a winter coat or a scarf, it might take longer to find the right one as they can be made of non-vegan materials such as wool, silk, or fur, etc. Buying cruelty-free is a must as the suffering of animals can be brutal in the fashion world. Here are some ideas of what to get for the vegan men in your life who are looking for something new to wear.

10. NAOT Men's Slippers

NAOT Men's Slippers

Although the vegan men in your life may not ask or even think about a pair of slippers, they certainly won’t be able to resist these once tried on. I think everyone should have a pair of comfortable slippers for those days spent in the house or to simply just have around. With quality materials that provide warmth and padding, these will perfectly complete a cozy outfit.

With no animal materials involved, your vegan male friend will enjoy every moment spent in these clouds of cushion!

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11. Call It Spring Vegan Boots

Call It Spring Vegan Boots

Instead of browsing around the shops to find your vegan pal a pair of boots, why not buy him a pair of these vegan boots? At a very reasonable price, these are a great gift idea, especially if someone is on their feet all day or is looking for boots to go hiking in.

Many boots use leather or suede, but Call It Spring keeps animals out of their materials. They’ve got many other options and colors if you think he’d prefer a different style. The huge selection of vegan boots/shoes on the website may leave you buying more than just one pair.

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12. Boody Men's Work Socks

Boody Men's Work Socks

We all know socks are the easiest clothing item to find, like…ever, but what about giving him a planet-saving, luxurious pair with a comfort level of 100?! Socks are quite a typical present, but I’m sure your vegan guy friend could do with at least one pair that will last and won’t end up with holes after 6 months.

Boody has a few choices to select from and is generally just an incredible brand to support. These socks are made of bamboo viscose which is not only a sustainable choice but also super soft and breathable. Say “Aye!” if you now want to get an extra pair for yourself.


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13. Anticarnist Vegan Hoodie

Anticarnist Vegan Hoodie

Now I give you the ultimate vegan gift, this hoodie is exactly what every vegan needs in their wardrobe. Surprise your guy friend with this awesome piece of clothing for him to wear when he wants to spread the vegan message. Ethically made with vegan and cruelty-free ink, the black and white colors make this easy to wear with anything.

Anticarnist is an exceptional brand that does a lot in supporting animal sanctuaries with their profits. Alongside their hoodies, they also sell badges, headwear, and many more incredible items that are inexpensive and gift-worthy too.

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14. Tentree Sweatpants

Tentree Sweatpants

Who else became best friends with anything loungewear during quarantine? Not having to leave the house meant we could wear comfortable clothes all day, but why stop at the ones you’ve already got? If there’s a man in your life who enjoys a cozier fit, a pair of Tentree sweatpants is exactly what he’ll love.

For every purchase, they plant 10 trees around various places in the world like Nepal, Mexico, Madagascar, Haiti, and several more. 45 million trees have already been planted with goals to grow one billion by 2030. With very soft fabric, these pants are ideal if he wants a more eco-friendly wardrobe.

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15. BEETXBEET Plant Slayer T-Shirt

BEETXBEET Plant Slayer T-Shirt

When he wants to expand his range of vegan-based clothes, a t-shirt is something to consider. Ideal for hot days or layering during the winter, this subtly sends the vegan message. BEETXBEET has many other amazing items on their website all worth checking out.

The brand has collaborated with several vegan charities over the years, supporting animal rights and social justice movements by donating proceeds to various organizations when possible. As people become more conscious about their clothing items, anything bought from this brand would be a wonderful vegan gift for him and the planet.

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16. Plant Faced Beanie

Plant Faced Beanie

Hats are a fun way to compliment any outfit, they add spice to your attire which is what makes them a great gift idea. I’m sure your vegan friend has thought about buying himself a hat at some point, why not surprise him with his very own vegan beanie?

This brand plants a tree with every purchase and is entirely vegan and cruelty-free. They aim to help save the planet by spreading the message about ethical clothing and why it’s so essential to think about where your clothes come from and how they’re made. I have no doubt any vegan man would love to receive this cozy and comfortable hat!

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17. Downholme Vegan Leather Gloves

Downholme Vegan Leather Gloves

Is there anything worse than having cold hands? I didn’t think so. Luckily if he gets cold hands, this is the perfect vegan gift to prevent that. Made with vegan leather, these gloves are touchscreen friendly so he can still use his phone normally when wearing these.

The vegan leather gives them a classic and smart look but the fuzzy interior will keep his hands warm even if the weather is anything but. They come in a few colors if he’d prefer a certain shade, and though they’re fairly inexpensive, these gloves will last him many winters.

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Fitness Gifts

Let’s face it, we all know a vegan guy who is heavily into fitness or occasionally likes a quick workout. That’s why a fitness-based present would be the best idea for someone that exercises frequently.

Most equipment can be found at the gym, but if he likes to alternate his routine by working out time at home, here are a few vegan gift ideas that could be part of his at-home fitness days.

18. Lulumon Yoga Mat

Lulumon Yoga Mat

This is exactly what any yoga-loving person needs, a good quality vegan yoga mat so he can become the greatest yogi. The price is slightly higher but this mat has been made to last many workouts, so it’s worth getting if he is passionate about yoga.

There is a wide selection of colors and types, so you can choose something closer to his style. There are even travel mats if he’s not always in the same place.

BTW, check out our Ultimate Guide To Help You Choose A Vegan-friendly Travel Destination.

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19. Plant Works Vanilla Protein Powder

Plant Works Vanilla Protein Powder

There are many reasons why plant-based protein powder is a better choice, keeping dairy out of your body helps you recover better and causes less harm to animals. If he is looking for a new protein powder, Plant Works could be his new go-to.

Good quality powder that will help with muscle recovery and muscle building. It is vegan, gluten-free, and GMO-free with calcium and iron-rich ingredients that also improve heart health.

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20. Nebula Graphic Bamboo Skateboard

Nebula Graphic Bamboo Skateboard

His board may need replacing soon, so why not gift him with a brand new one? Or perhaps it can be an addition to his collection. Bamboo Skateboards have crafted many different types of boards that are unlike any brand before, making the skating experience a far better one.

This brand uses bamboo because of its minimal impact on the environment, it is a more eco-friendly choice and does not contribute to deforestation the way a maple board would. Bamboo Skateboards give back to their communities and plant a tree with every purchase. So not only is your skateboard-loving friend getting a new board, in a way he is getting his own tree!

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21. Immaculate Vegan Linen Scarf

Scarves are a must-have when the weather turns colder, but finding a wool-free one is not always a simple task. Giving him this as a present is a thoughtful idea as it’ll keep him warm and wrapped up, you’ll get extra friend points too if he’s been searching for one!

A scarf that goes with any outfit, it was ethically made from super soft cotton and no harmful substances. Be sure to check out Immaculate Vegan’s other items, they’ve got plenty of choices if you want to get him more than one present.

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Food/Drink Vegan Gifts

Do you know a vegan guy who likes to spend time in the kitchen? It’s now much easier to find vegan gifts that are vegan-food-based, as plant-based products are available pretty much anywhere. This list might just give you some inspiration on what to buy for the chef in him.

22. How Not To Die Cookbook

How Not To Die Cookbook

Perhaps you’ve heard him say he wants to get into cooking, or maybe he’d like to expand his culinary skills? This cookbook is just the right vegan gift to give as it has so many different vegan recipes, for all different meal types. It will open his mind to all the delicious vegan foods he can create from his home and show them to others.

Author Michael Greger, MD, is a physician who believes in a plant-based future. He encourages this diet as he knows how much healthier it is for the human body. It is a follow-on from his New York Times Best Seller, ‘How Not To Die’, and is full of many ways to make tasty food.

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23. Simple Modern Water Bottle

Simple Modern Water Bottle

There’s no denying the impact that plastic is having on our planet, people are waking up to the negative effects which bring us to this next suggestion. Your vegan guy friend will benefit hugely from a reusable bottle to keep on him instead of having to buy plastic bottles, which are harmful to the environment.

Simple Modern is doing a brilliant job at helping the earth’s state improve. 10% of all profits are given away annually and they have supported over 1000 organizations, they really work on giving back. A generous brand that has many different styles and colors to pick from.

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24. K-Mama Spicy Hot Sauce

K-Mama Spicy Hot Sauce

A foodie can never have enough hot sauce! He will be able to use this sauce on a variety of dishes, giving them that kick of heat that many go crazy for. It’s been said many times that no meal is the same without hot sauce, so you may be his hero with this delicious product.

There are different levels of spice if he prefers something less hot, all full of flavor regardless of what you choose. Vegan, non-GMO, and MSG-free, he is in for a real treat if you give him this delightful cruelty-free hot sauce.

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25. Conscious Coffee Sample Pack

I couldn’t create a list of vegan gift ideas and not involve this next suggestion. I’m sure you have that one guy friend who is a huge coffee lover, so this could be the perfect present for him. Being conscious about your coffee is the way forward, as unethical production can be detrimental to the planet.

Conscious Coffee is B Corp Certified, meaning they are working towards a better environment whilst creating delicious coffee for everyone to enjoy. You can’t go wrong with a sample pack as it offers a few flavors.

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To Conclude

Personally, I love to give gifts as there’s nothing better than seeing someone’s face light up when they open a present I’ve put time and plenty of thought into. All the mentioned vegan gift ideas are worth considering as there’s something special about each one.

Your vegan guy friend I’m sure will be grateful for whatever gift you decide on, but if you need some more help choosing what to get then you can also check out “Best Vegan Gifts” and “Best Fun Gift Ideas” to find even more fun ideas.

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