20 Best Vegan Travel Destinations To Discover In May

The Ultimate Guide To Help You Choose A Vegan-friendly Travel Destination

There’s nothing like the excitement of booking a holiday, whether you need a mini-break or are seeking adventure, it’s always fun to visit somewhere new. Though as a vegan, sometimes the decision on where to go can be a little harder to make. Will my desired location be vegan-friendly? Will I have much access to animal-free products?

I’ve visited many different places, some of which have been great for vegans, whereas others have left me wishing I’d done a little more research before arriving. Fortunately for any curious vegan souls out there, I’ve put together a list of the best vegan travel destinations. Sit back, relax, and get ready to book your next getaway to somewhere vegan-friendly!

1. Bali, Indonesia

Indonesia, Bali Island, Bedugul Temple
Indonesia, Bali Island, Bedugul Temple

Looking for somewhere spiritual, calm, and full of beautiful locations? Bali is often described as a vegan utopia because of its huge variety of plant-based options. With a wide variety of vegan restaurants, you’ll never feel bored or run out of places to try. There are endless cafes full of wholesome, nutritious foods that are simply delicious.

It may be best to book a couple of weeks’ stay, just in case that one restaurant calls you back! Many areas will leave you gleaming with joy as a healthy lifestyle is strongly advocated across Bali, hence why it’s so ideal for vegans/vegetarians. Somewhere everyone should visit in their lifetime, especially if you are into mindfulness and yoga – you will certainly not be disappointed here!

2. Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne, Australia

Ranked as one of the most vegan-friendly cities in the world, Melbourne will spoil you with everything it has to offer. Packed with vegan cafes, restaurants, and bars, you’ll find an impressive range of flavorful foods for the eager appetite. Really, what more could you want? Melbourne is an awesome city but the variety for vegans is what makes it even better.

There is far more to this city than its picturesque beaches and warm weather, even if you’ve not been vegan for long or are slightly more fussy with food, you won’t struggle to find something tasty to eat. Melbourne isn’t the only place in Australia that is super vegan-friendly, Sydney has an outstanding 743 vegan-friendly/vegetarian restaurants!

3. Berlin, Germany

Beautiful view of historic Berlin Cathedral (Berliner Dom) at famous Museumsinsel (Museum Island)

There is so much vegan goodness to be found in Berlin, with 7% of the population being vegan, this city caters perfectly to those of us who keep animals out of our food. You’ll find organic supermarkets full of vegan items, completely plant-based eateries, and all different types of food to meet your cravings.

Whether you prefer eating a raw food diet or enjoy vegan junk food, it won’t take you any time to look for an ideal spot. This city is so wonderful that you can even attend the annual Veganes Sommerfest Berlin. Yes, you read that right, a festival for vegans to enjoy food, music, and plenty more. Fancy yourself a city break? This is the place to go!

4. New York, USA

USA, New York
USA, New York, Times Square

Aside from its iconic landmarks and glorious spirit, New York is full of vegan gems worth checking out. If you’re worried about not being able to grab a hotdog or a pizza slice, several restaurants provide you with delicious vegan options so you don’t miss out on the city’s staple. Taking the place as one of the top vegan-friendly cities in the US, it is the ultimate herbivore hub.

Got a sweet tooth? Vegan bakeries and creperies that offer mouth-watering choices you won’t forget. You can walk through the idyllic city or stroll through Central Park and still enjoy all the plant-based treats it has to offer because of all the vegan-friendly spots. So start spreadin’ the news, New York we’re coming to you!

5. London, UK

UK, London, London Eye
London Eye, United Kingdom

When people think of England, they often think of the weather. While it is a little rainy sometimes, don’t let that stop you from experiencing the ever-growing amount of vegan businesses in London. The movement has blossomed over the last few years and many restaurants/cafes are going completely plant-based because of how popular veganism is becoming. In recent years, London has become the home to the world’s very first vegan butchers!

It is not hard to step into somewhere and find a whole menu of vegan items, throughout London, you’ll see a variety of places that don’t disappoint with their mouth-watering, animal-free options. Going between May-September means you may just catch some warm weather to accompany you as you explore all the great vegan places.

6. Taiwan

taiwan, taipei
Taipei, Taiwan

Frequently named as one of the most vegan-friendly countries in the world, Taiwan is the gift that keeps on giving. Street markets offer a wide selection of vegan foods and there are plenty of vegan/vegetarian restaurants where you can indulge in some delightful Taiwanese food. With a quick search, vegan ice cream, burgers, and pizzas aren’t hard to find either.

More than 10% of Taiwanese people are vegetarian which is why animal-free products are so easy to find. With a government that promotes healthy eating, immerse yourself with the many locals who also believe in a cruelty-free way of life. You also won’t need to spend too much, so you can treat yourself without hurting your bank balance!

7. Israel

Israel - The Dome of the Rock on the temple mount in Jerusalem

Another country that is making big steps in the vegan world, is Israel. It has been leading the vegan movement for a while now and there is a large community that takes part in educating people about veganism and the background on animal agriculture. Over 5% of the population are vegan and the number is continuously growing.

There are more than 700 kosher vegan and vegetarian places to eat in Israel, with each place offering food that will leave your stomach full and your taste buds satisfied. Traditional foods like hummus and falafel are naturally vegan too, and you’ll frequently find them across the country. A high number of Israelis care about the welfare of animals and leave them off the plate. Sounds like the ultimate vegan heaven if you ask me!

8. Vietnam

Vietnam is one of the most affordable places for vegans and vegetarians to travel.

vietnam, saigon (ho chi minh city)
Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)

If your heart is set on traveling to Vietnam to explore all of its fascinating culture or historic landmarks, I recommend stopping off at Ho Chi Minh City for all the best vegan finds. Ho Chi Minh is the biggest city in Vietnam. The population is around 9 million people (!).

The three most prevalent religions in Ho Chi Minh City are Mahayana Buddhism with Taoism and Confucianism (@Wikipedia). You can easily find a big variety of vegan food from 30,000 VND ($1.5) to 300,000 VND maximum ($15) for a meal and a lot of vegan restaurants, cafes, stores, etc. Just look at the map:


And it’s just a small part of one district. Plus, remember that 80% of people still don’t know how to use Google Maps lol.

Some places serve traditional Vietnamese food, and it’s all completely plant-based, with a few spots that serve a more western-style menu.

If that isn’t enough to tempt you, Ho Chi Minh City is home to ‘Kashew Cheese’ which is Vietnam’s very own vegan cheese deli. Here you’ll find alternatives to popular choices such as brie, ricotta, and they even have cheese boards too! Sound utterly mouth-watering? I thought so too. If you’re a breakfast person (let’s face it, we all are) then make sure to visit the street stalls to try a staple Vietnamese breakfast, you won’t regret it!

If you don’t like big cities like Saigon, check this out:

Vietnam, Hoi An
Vietnam, Hoi An

Looks nice, ha? One of the most beautiful places in Vietnam that’s called Hoi An.

Based on my experiences, it’s really cheap and comfortable to travel in Vietnam as a vegan. You will always find a place, food or even people like you, who came here and stayed for… years.

9. Budapest, Hungary

Hungary Budapest_Chain bridge on Danube river

Want to visit somewhere adventurous with vegan-friendly places everywhere you turn? You will not be deprived of options in Budapest as over time there has been a major increase in plant-based locations. From vegan Hungarian cakes to street food, you’ll be able to enjoy anything your heart desires!

Budapest also has ‘Vega City’ which has a fully vegan buffet, which is music to the ears! We’ve come a long way from having hardly any options to having a whole selection to choose from. Budapest is one of the best places to take a city break, but because of all the vegan places there are, you may find yourself staying for one more night!

10. Toronto, Canada

Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Gooderham or Flatiron Building in downtown Toronto

If you’re looking for somewhere that will leave you spoilt for choice, definitely keep Toronto in mind. The vegan scene is thriving as the number of plant-based options increases across the city. There is a generous amount of exclusively vegan joints that serve anything from tasty baked goods to mac and cheese.

Grocery stores and farmer’s markets across Toronto also stock a range of vegan items which is perfect if you’re cooking your own meals. Gone are the days of scanning the menu to find something without animal ingredients, this city is a clear example of how simple vegan life can be.

11. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

malaysia, kuala lumpur
Petronas Towers

When was the last time you fell in love with a city? That feeling may return once you touch down in Malaysia. Aside from all the amazing things you’ll see and experience, vegans will hit the jackpot here too. You’ll still get the chance to enjoy authentic Malaysian cuisine in one of the many vegan-friendly restaurants in Kuala Lumpur.

malaysia kuala lumpur 1
Fountain near Petronas Towers

From vegan ice-cream parlors to all vegetarian buffets, there’s no way you’ll be forgetting just how delicious the food tastes. Kuala Lumpur has its very own zero waste shop too, a place to find cruelty-free vegan essentials and plant-based health foods. It’s important to be conscious about our footprints on the earth and how we can contribute to a better environment, so a zero waste shop is a great way forward.

12. Portland, Oregon

Portland, Oregon - overlooking the willamette river on a Fall Afternoon

This next place needs no introduction in regards to how wonderful it is for vegans, a true mecca for those of us who don’t consume animal products. It’s no surprise that Portland has continuously been called the most vegan-friendly city ever, it has evolved a lot over the past decade.

You can find the country’s first vegan mini-mall here which has a bakery, tattoo parlor, and a few other treasures, so if you’re not comfortable with being around any animal products, this is the place to go. There is magic to be found in Portland, including an all-vegan cheese shop! There is also the annual event, ‘VegFest’ held at the Oregon Convention Centre, where you’ll see vegan food stalls, hear vegan speakers, and meet many like-minded souls.

13. Bristol, UK

Bristol UK_Clifton Suspension Bridge with Clifton and reflection

Move over, Portland, you’ve got competition! With over 100 places to eat that are either vegan or vegan-friendly, be sure to research a few if you’re only going for a short time as you could get a little stuck for choice. It is that good, truly. On the several times I have been, I’m still in awe of all the food places there is to choose from.

Bristol even has vegan vending machines, which means there’s no chance of accidentally getting a product with animal products in. Keep a lookout for these and land yourself a vegan sandwich or selection of snacks. Crowned the most vegan-friendly city in the UK, it’s a great place to take anyone who may be curious about taking animal products out of their diet because of all the choices there are.

14. Thailand

Bangkok City Center
Bangkok City Center

Imagine going somewhere that requires little thought about where to go for lunch or what to make for dinner. What if I told you how that can all be a reality in Thailand? Veganism is hugely popular in Thailand and plays a big part in history because of its connection to Buddhism. Fresh fruits and vegetables are everywhere you go and you can even bag some cooking classes if you want to know more.

thailand, bangkok
Walking Street in Bangkok

The sun is always shining and as you taste all the magnificent foods, your face will too! Thailand is becoming a more popular place to live and it is possible as a vegan too. In Bangkok alone, there are 42 vegan restaurants, so no wonder so many returns again! Rice and noodle dishes are easy to buy and you’ll always be near somewhere with vegan options that will blow you away.

15. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech republic_Beautiful view to Vltava and bridges

It’s pretty exciting when a new vegan spot opens up near you, which is something that happens often in Prague. Being a smaller city, several vegan restaurants are within walking distance to another but each place serves completely unique food with something for everyone.

Prague also has a number of health food stores and as a whole are focusing more on stepping up on nutrition, maybe this is why we vegans are so spoilt for choice! It is a beautiful city that has so much magic to see and do while you visit. If you’re not quite sure what you feel like eating, there is even an entirely vegan restaurant with a buffet that will help you choose!

16. Chennai, India

Chennai, India - High Court

This next place has been crowned India’s most vegan-friendly city, and although India is known for being hugely dairy-orientated, the vegan world in Chennai is flourishing. Already vegan dishes like masala dosa and vegetable samosas are popular if you’re craving traditional foods. Check out vegan lifestyle store ‘Earth Story’, which is a precious jewel for anything plant-based. From a plethora of foods to cosmetics, and much more, this needs to go on the agenda!

India is taking steps to ban animal abuse and is acknowledging the impact animal agriculture is having on the planet. With this being said, Chennai already has fully plant-based schools, multiple vegan businesses including a vegan butcher, and several other restaurants any foodie will love. Feast on delicious Indian cuisine or have lunch at a cafe with a wholesome, organic menu, indulge to your heart’s desire!

17. Los Angeles, USA

USA, California, Lost Angeles - Traffic on Hollywood Boulevard at dusk.

Visiting LA has been on my to-do list for some time, and since becoming vegan, that desire has grown more. The amount of vegan and vegetarian restaurants is over 200 which means if you’re hungry for something specific, you’ll most likely find it. If that’s not enough, you can do a completely vegan shop at ‘BESTIES Vegan Paradise’ the first and only vegan marketplace in the country.

In the many vegan diners across Los Angeles, you’ll experience unforgettable food that has been crafted by passionate vegan chefs. Planning on hitting the beach? Satisfy your sweet tooth with one of the dessert shops that serve vegan options or take yourself to one of the farmers’ markets to try the delicious fruits and vegetables. That’s a one-way ticket to Los Angeles for me, please!

19. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands


Can we ever take enough city breaks? Absolutely not! There was once a time where we vegans weren’t given many options or were met with confusion after explaining how we don’t eat animal products. When in Amsterdam you are instantly met with the lively city that has several vegan restaurants that serve the kind of foods we’ve only ever dreamed of.

If you’re cycling around the city like most of the locals, you’ll be happy to know that on every street there is someplace vegan friendly. Looking for variety? Why not try ‘Mr & Mrs. Watson’ for all your vegan fondue cravings, or stop off at ‘Willem Pie’ for any of the vegan cakes. This city is great for taking a non-vegan who is interested in switching diets, as they’ll get to see how you can still get all your favorite foods without any animal products.

20. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland

Besides its divine architecture and ancient castles, Edinburgh is more than just a place where you can live your Harry Potter fantasies. Vegan spots are dotted all around this city, whether you’re looking for a bakery, or a restaurant with a fully plant-based menu, Edinburgh is an excellent choice when deciding on where to go next.

Non-vegan restaurants will have many options for vegans on their menu, so if mid-exploring you are feeling hungry, check out a few near places as you may be surprised to see how much is available. Edinburgh has taken off with veganism, and if it’s somewhere you’ve had in mind, you’ll be pleased to know that this whimsical city has everything a vegan could want.


How Can I Prepare For My Trip?
What If Where I’m Going, Isn’t On This List?

To Conclude

As I’ve narrowed down some of the top vegan destinations, I hope you’ll be able to pick the place for you. Everywhere I’ve mentioned has got a uniqueness and will leave you feeling super positive about the vegan movement. Of course, it helps to do research, but if you don’t have the time, let yourself be surprised by all there is and just how understood veganism is now.

Let us know where you decide to go on your travels, I’m sure you’ll choose a wonderful location and your time spent here will be brilliant.




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