Best Vegan Gifts For Her. The Ultimate Guide [June 2022]

What To Get For The Vegan Woman In Your Life For Christmas, Birthdays, Valentines

So it’s time to hit the shops for the vegan woman in your life, and although you may know her pretty well, you’ve noticed your shopping basket has been empty for a while. Why? Vegans can be a little tough to buy for, it isn’t always easy to find a gift that is cruelty-free and contains no animal products. 

However, there are many vegan/cruelty-free items on the market these days and they have become much more accessible as veganism grows. You may still be able to find that bag she wants, or the candle she’s been thinking about, but without any animal products at all (and as a woman, what could be better, right?!)

I’ve prepared a list of the best vegan gifts for her which varies from clothing to bedding and will help you find the perfect present if you’re a little unsure of what to buy. There’s no need to worry or struggle when it comes to vegan gift-giving, you may just be surprised at how much there is to choose from!

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If you know someone who likes to spend time on their appearance, whether that be through make-up or hair, gifting them with a beauty product is the right way to go. Women who enjoy doing their make-up can never have enough brushes or blenders and there are many cruelty-free choices to be found. Take a look at this selection of products that will each bring a smile to her face!

1. EcoTools Make-Up Brushes

ecotools make-up brushes

If your vegan lady cares about being more ethical with her beauty products, then EcoTools are exactly what she needs! An entirely cruelty-free and vegan brand that has many incredible items available. Skincare is really important, and having the right tools can make such a difference which is why EcoTools made it on the list.

This brand truly believes in creating a better environment and reducing waste, with the biodegradable paper used for packaging and recycled materials for their products, you’re onto a winner if she prefers living more consciously. Although they have a generous range of brushes, EcoTools also sell bath + body products too.

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2. Pacifica Strawberry Peach Bundle

pacifica strawberry peach bundle

For some, shower time is more than just 15 minutes of karaoke (sadly, I will never be Beyonce.) It is also a time to wash the day off and revitalize ourselves, so it’s key to have body washes and lotions that can make us feel even better. This Strawberry Peach bundle is designed to help energize and cleanse, it also smells heavenly which makes it perfect for anyone who prefers scented products.

Pacifica is a completely cruelty-free and vegan brand that offers a wide variety of beauty products. From haircare, fragrances, to make-up and suncare products, Pacifica is a super affordable, top-quality brand with many items available in places like Walmart and Sephora as well as a huge online store.

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3. Acure Face Mask

acure face mask

A staple in anyone’s skincare regime is a trusty facemask that we can apply when we need the ultimate cleanse. This Acure face mask does more than just moisturize and replenish, it contains vitamins that will benefit the wellness and health of our skin, all whilst providing a natural glow.

Acure has plenty of other items available if she is into something more specific when it comes to cleansing. This cruelty-free and vegan brand shows that you can have incredible results without parabens, sulfates, and other chemicals that can sometimes be found in other products. It’s crucial that we pay attention to what we put on our skin, which is why Acure is a wonderful choice for anyone who does.

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4. DefineMe Fragrance Oil Sample Kit

DefineMe Fragrance Oil Sample Kit

Let’s face it, there isn’t much better than falling in love with a scent. Perfume can make anyone feel better about themselves and often completes a look. However, finding the one smell you want to wear is not always a simple task, sometimes it’s all about trial and error which can be tiring and expensive! Luckily, if you know someone who is facing this difficulty, DefineMe have come to save the day,

With this sample kit of fragrance oils, she can experiment with a variety of smells or mix up a few to find her desired one. The magic doesn’t stop there though if you already know her preference, this cruelty-free, and the vegan brand has several individual scents to choose from. From genderless to femme, and even crystal-infused bottles, DefineMe is doing the vegan world proud!

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5. Eco Lips Lip Balm Set

Eco Lips Lip Balm Set

The skin on our lips is super sensitive, and the weather plays a huge part in how dry they can get. Lip balm is an absolute must-have and is a great gift idea as people can often forget to buy it for themselves. Eco Lips have bought out a range of ‘Bee Free’ lip balms, which will win the heart of any vegan as beeswax can be a popular ingredient, but it’s not included here.

This type of gift is ideal for a stocking filler or as part of a hamper and the variety of lip balms will leave her with moisturized lips come rain or shine! On the Eco Lips website, there are plenty of products which would make brilliant presents, especially if she loves the sun.

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So many of us are getting into redecorating our home and transforming our spaces, it’s never a bad thing to rearrange or add in new items from time to time. Even something as simple as lighting a fresh new candle or buying new bedding can make such a difference. You can find a lot of vegan and cruelty-free items online and in stores these days, so if she’s into interior design, why not take a look at some of the following ideas below?

6. Under The Canopy Comforter

Under The Canopy Comforter

I truly apologize if you aren’t reading this from your bed, as just one look at this dreamy comforter may make you ready to relax! Good quality comforters can be hard to find as a vegan since they usually contain feathers, which isn’t cruelty-free, or fair on the animal they belong to. This down-alternative means she will get an incredible night’s sleep and wrap up like a burrito in the colder months.

It’s a gift she will be able to keep for a very long time and the quality will create an even more homely feeling. We all know somebody who’s in a loving relationship with their bed, so there really couldn’t be anything more fitting (no pun intended!). Under The Canopy is a sustainable brand that cares just as much about being ethical for the earth, as they do for their customers.

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7. Sandalwood Plum Candle Noho Candle Co.

Sandalwood Plum Candle Noho Candle Co.

I think we all know that one person who loves a candle, but if not – hi, it’s nice to meet you, I’ve lost count of how many I own. Candles can be quite a personal gift as everyone appreciates different smells, sandalwood is quite a popular scent that works for many people. It isn’t too feminine but still has a sweet smell that creates a delightful aroma.

Noho Candle Co. is a cruelty-free brand that uses eco-friendly ingredients with no beeswax insight. They have many other candles available, all with their unique scent and all ideal for any room in the house. A gift like this will turn her house into a sanctuary and lighten up those darker days.

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8. Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

Kush Queen CBD Bath Bomb

Is there a way to make bath time even more relaxing?! I can confirm there is. Improve her chill-out time with a CBD bath bomb that has been created to help unwind, decompress, and soothe the muscles too. The CBD mixed with the essential oils absorb into the skin creating a full-body experience, leaving the bathroom with a heavenly aroma!

There are many others to choose from depending on what her taste is, there are different smells, and the option to buy a bundle if you think she’d prefer options. Each one has been carefully created to hit different things i.e. sleep improvement, chronic pain management, among a few others. Kush Queen bath bombs are completely vegan and cruelty-free with hemp that is organically farmed and solvent-free.

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9. Avocado Green Pillow

Avocado Green Pillow

Yeah you read that right, this company is indeed called Avocado and I am indeed a little hungry too! If the name doesn’t tempt you to consider this as a gift idea, perhaps the brilliant quality will. Do you know a vegan woman whose sleep could be better? Or maybe she just isn’t agreeing with her current pillows at the moment, this suggestion could make her night’s sleep improve by a landslide.

Handmade in Los Angeles and GREENGUARD Gold Certified, Avocado is here to make sleep much better and alleviate any neck or shoulder pain. A pillow that is free of down and wool is certainly worth gifting to someone who is searching for cruelty-free and vegan bedding. There’s nothing quite like sinking into an organic cotton pillow like this, sounds heavenly right?

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10. The Body Shop Salted Caramel + Vanilla Reed Diffuser

The Body Shop Salted Caramel + Vanilla Reed Diffuser

For anyone that loves their home, and enjoys having people over, they probably like to use a diffuser to keep their rooms smelling lovely and welcoming. This will keep a sweet and slightly salty smell lingering around the house and bring a smile to her face each time she catches the scent. Vanilla is a smell that is loved by many, and salted caramel… Where do I even begin?

Made with natural essential oils to create a more relaxing and warm ambiance, any homebody has probably been on the search for something like this! If you’re planning on creating a bundle of gifts, you’ll find a generous variety of products on The Body Shop website, all perfectly suitable for your vegan lady.

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Accessories Gift Ideas

I’ve gathered a few accessories that are worth buying for the vegan lady in your life, generally, it can be harder to find items like watches and bags that are leather-free. As vegans, we believe nobody should have to suffer for our fashion choices, and there are plenty of cruelty-free choices out there. Let’s see some reliable, sustainable, vegan ideas!

11. Hurtig Lane Vegan Suede Watch

Hurtig Lane Vegan Suede Watch

A gift that is bound to make her face light up, a classic and timeless piece that means she will no longer have to check the time on her phone. She can still accessorize if she likes to wear other jewelry on her wrist, but it could also look good on its own. You simply can’t go wrong with this thoughtful and convenient idea, that will last a very long time.

Hurtig Lane is passionate about being a vegan and cruelty-free brand that creates one-of-a-kind fashion pieces. If you believe she may prefer a different design, there is plenty of choice on their website with other animal-free materials. This is a sustainable brand that cares about ethical production and packaging.

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12. Angela Roi Crossbody Bag

Angela Roi Crossbody Bag

It doesn’t get much more stylish than this, and no animals were harmed in the making! It’s not as big as your average handbag but she’ll be able to fit all her necessities in here without it being too heavy. A way to compliment any outfit with an adjustable strap to suit her preference and plenty of space with added compartments for smaller items.

Angela Roi bags are the perfect example of how you do not need leather to look high fashion, can you believe their vegan leather is cactus-derived?! Don’t worry though, it is super soft and not prickly at all! The cactus is what makes these bags a super eco-friendly choice. From satchels to shoulder bags, each one is long-lasting, durable, and versatile.

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13. Soma Brew Bottle

Soma Brew Bottle

There is nothing more annoying than going to take a sip of coffee and realizing it’s gone cold, pretty frustrating right? If she’s a coffee lover, you may be able to save the day with this next suggestion! Designed to keep coffee at a warm temperature without burning hands, it’s just what she needs when on the go and would like a coffee fix. There’s also the option to use it on a cool day to keep hydrated.

This brand is more than just a reusable bottle company, they work hard to be sustainable and give back to people. Every time a Soma product is bought, they donate to charity to help end the global water crisis. Using recyclable materials for their bottles, you won’t just be helping a friend, you’ll also be helping the planet. There are many things to love about this brand that will bring joy to her heart as well as her tastebuds.

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14. Paravel Luggage

Paravel Luggage

This next suggestion is a must-have for any of your vegan gal pals who travel frequently and are searching for luggage that is as eco-friendly as it is dependable. This Paravel suitcase will become her BFF because of how long-lasting and versatile it is, and the design is a plus too – who says luggage has to be boring? Not these guys! You can give her a cool and conscious gift to take all over the globe.

This suitcase is made up of recyclable zippers, recycled plastic bottles for the lining and has many other wonderful features any travel-lover would appreciate. Paravel sells many other travel bags and accessories of which are vegan leather and are items she will be able to use for a long time.

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15. Melie Bianco Tote Bag

Melie Bianco Tote Bag

One of the most convenient items we could ever be gifted would be a tote bag. They’re ideal for those quick shopping trips because of how spacious they are, or for days out when you need to pack a few extra items. Something like this will go with every outfit, and although she may already own a black bag, the design on this one is what makes it stand out.

This tote bag is made up of luxurious vegan leather so that she can feel like the main character wherever she goes. Melie Bianco breaks the mold by being a fair trade, high-end, and cruelty-free brand with affordable prices. They want to show women how they can still look their best without using any animal products.

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16. Matt and Nat Wallet

Matt and Nat Wallet

Whether her wallet is falling apart or she’s on the hunt for a new one, here’s where you can help. Matt and Nat are the go-to for her wallet as their products are just so brilliant. This in particular is a classic piece that she can carry around to store all her cards and bills while fitting nicely in her purse.

Matt and Nat’s motto is ‘Live Beautifully’ and I truly believe their products can help us do that. A brand that cares about the welfare of the planet, dedicated to cruelty-free creations, they use recycled materials that can be kept for many years. As they are so committed to not using any animal parts in their products, this makes anything they sell a wonderful gift idea.

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17. Urban Originals Backpack

Urban Originals Backpack

There are many amazing things to be said about this backpack, and why it would make an exceptional gift for her. Apart from the fact that it’s such a stylish bag with a classic color, Urban Originals have crafted a piece that most women would love to be given as a gift. Not only can it be worn as a backpack, but it can also be a crossbody bag thanks to its convertible strap.

It doesn’t end there, Urban Originals choose kindness with everything they do and each product they make. They do not support any kind of animal exploitation and are proud to be completely cruelty-free. 10% of profits are given to charities that support human rights, which is beyond admirable. It won’t just be a beautiful, spacious bag for her, you’ll be contributing to a great cause.

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18. Spectrum Makeup Bag

Spectrum Makeup Bag

Most of the time, our make-up bags slowly become a little worse for wear. Sometimes lipsticks can leave a stain or opened mascaras can leave a mark, which is where this gift suggestion comes in! Spectrum Collections are a genius brand when it comes to creating fun and colorful products for everyone to use, and this make-up bag is no exception. With the subtle blush pink color and the generous storage space, this could be just what she’s looking for!

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Spectrum Collections is 100% vegan and cruelty-free and shows beauty lovers that professional quality products don’t have to be expensive. If your vegan lady is into more exciting, bold designs when it comes to make-up, and is even a Disney lover then you’ll have plenty to choose from. Sustainably made, she will be able to proudly own her very own leather alternative make-up bag!

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Clothing Items

Clothes aren’t as hard to find, and many more brands are beginning to use vegan-friendly materials as there is more of a demand for them. However, some of these pieces aren’t always sustainable or sometimes it may not be possible to physically go shopping for presents. To save you any trouble from having to browse online for cruelty-free clothing, take a look at some awesome gift options below.

19. Native Sneakers

Native Sneakers

I’m kicking off the list with something everybody needs – a trusty pair of sneakers for when comfort is our top priority. Made with animal-free microfiber suede, keep her feet happy with these cool eco-conscious shoes, designed to provide an easier way of living for those who are always on the go.

These are a pair of shoes that will go with any outfit and can slip onto the feet easily, making them a perfect gift idea – and they are super affordable too! Native is an eco-friendly brand and keeps the planet in mind whenever they create products. They strongly believe in using alternative materials instead of non-vegan ones.

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20. In The Soulshine Tee

In The Soulshine Tee

If she likes to spread the vegan message through clothing, then look no further! This t-shirt is a colorful and friendly way of showing others just how awesome she is being vegan. Something that most vegans love to have in their wardrobe is a piece like this, so they can proudly wear clothing to promote veganism.

The owner of In The Soulshine has deep compassion for animals and stands by leaving them out of her materials. It doesn’t stop there though, as the brand is dedicated to being ethical and using plastic-free packaging in biodegradable bags. Ethical practices are maintained when the clothes are made and every clothing item is made with organic cotton.

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21. Pact Wool-Free Socks

Pact Wool-Free Socks

I know, I know, you may be thinking “socks… how unoriginal” however, allow me to explain why these make such a good gift. I can guarantee she may not own a pair quite like these, made from organic cotton and no toxic chemicals. Compared to most socks, these use much less water, which means when you buy a pair you aren’t only giving a super cool gift, you’re also helping to conserve water.

What makes these even more special is that the softness is unmatched, every pair has been created with love and Pact strongly believes in being fair trade. Socks aren’t the only thing they sell, there are so many other products on their website, from bedding, bath towels, to items for babies too! You’ll find plenty of gift-worthy products here.

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22. Moo Shoes Vegan Boots

Moo Shoes Vegan Boots

These boots are made from 100% recycled polyester vegan suede, need I carry on? Apart from being completely cruelty-free and durable, these boots will make any stylish chick look even better! Everyone should have a staple pair of boots in their closet, even if they’re only taken out for the colder days, and Moo Shoes make it far easier to own some as a vegan.

Cheaper than many boots on the market, that doesn’t mean the condition of these isn’t incredible, they are. We should all be more in tune with the shoes we are buying and how they are made, as it can take a huge toll on the earth if they’re not sustainable. Moo Shoes don’t just have an inspiring name, they also encourage us to be more eco-friendly with our choices.

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23. Pawj Slippers

Pawj Slippers

I’m tempted to buy a pair for myself too, aren’t you? They’re also a wonderful gift idea for those who value soft slippers and have been looking for some. We could all do with a comforting pair like this to throw on after a long hard day, and if you’ve got a vegan lady in your life who fits that role then these will bring nothing but happiness to her life!

Made with faux fur and vegan suede, PAWJ is dedicated to creating a better life for animals and believes they should not be sacrificed for our fashion. This is an amazing mindset and another reason why they’d make a terrific gift. These will last her a very long time and provide her with softness like never before! The PAWJ website is full of many other items, including fleece boots if she’s on the search for any.

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More Ideas

I hope this list of items has shown you how simple it can be to get her something lovely for any occasion. We live in a time where it’s far easier to find vegan gifts as veganism becomes so much more popular worldwide. I have a feeling that whatever you choose to buy, she will be so happy to receive, especially if the thought has really gone into it.

If you’re still unsure and need further inspiration, take a look at this list of Best Vegan Gifts to find extra present-worthy items.

There are plenty of other options that we didn’t mention in this article such as:

I hope you find just what you’re looking for, and if it happens to be on this list, leave a comment below with your choice of gift!

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