15 Best Fun Vegan Gifts For Your Plant-Based Pals In 2024

Best Funny Gift Ideas For Your Cruelty-Free Friends And Family

Gift-giving for vegans… can be tricky sometimes, right? Finding something cruelty-free and without animal products be a little more time-consuming. However, it is not an impossible task, and there are plenty of things in the market that your vegan pal may not already have! If you’re not sure what their favorite sauce is, or think they may own a few cookbooks, then you’ve come to the right place!

I’ve prepared a list of gift ideas that are slightly more fun and unusual, but also practical. These are items that your vegan pal may not buy themselves but would appreciate as a gift. Some of these suggestions are ideal for those with a sense of humor, and some will just bring a smile to their faces. Either way, as someone who loves to give gifts, I know you’ll find something special below if you’re having trouble with ideas.

1. Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker

Almond Cow Nut Milk Maker

Got a creative friend? Or perhaps someone that likes to make their own vegan milk? Here’s an ideal appliance for their kitchen. This product is not exclusive to almonds, you can use any nut, seed, or grain you wish to, which makes it super versatile for anyone with a preference.

Once all the ingredients are added, it only takes a minute for the non-dairy milk to be made, a real bonus for someone that doesn’t have much time or is making it for their kids. This is also a great gift because it saves people from having to buy plastic cartons every week. There is currently a lot of plastic waste in our oceans and on land, so this works well for anyone who is trying to be more eco-friendly.

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2. Avocado Socks

Avocado Life Socks

Now, before you say how unoriginal socks are, and that your person may already have one pair too many, many of us avocado-loving vegans would be delighted to wear these. Also, there are five pairs which mean from Monday to Friday, your vegan friend’s feet will be covered – literally! You’ll definitely be met with a lot of appreciation, because who doesn’t need more socks?

Although they are great to look at, because they are shorter socks they’re can be pretty awesome for exercising in. The thickness and material are what make them more than just a fun pair of socks, so for your vegan friend who is also active, these could be just the thing they’re looking for and will bring a little smile to their face each time they’re worn.

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3. Powered By Plants Ceramic Coffee Mug

Powered By Plants Ceramic Coffee Mug

Gifting someone this means you’ll be automatically upgrading their morning coffee. Its colorful design is nice to look at, and also spreads the vegan message in a non-confrontational way. I’m sure your vegan pal already has an impressive collection of ceramic coffee mugs, but this one, in particular, means they can take a sip of their non-dairy beverage and feel proud to be vegan.

See, most of us love to drink hot drinks, whether it’s to comfort us or wake us up – so why not better that experience with a new favorite cup? An inexpensive option, that can be given on its own or with their favorite coffee/tea brand. Whatever way you decide to gift it, will certainly remind someone how great it is to be powered by plants!

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4. Live Life on the Veg T-Shirt

Live Life on the Veg T-Shirt

So your vegan friend is on the lookout for a shirt to add to their wardrobe but is a little unsure of what to get, here’s where you can save the day AND make them look even cooler in the process! This type of shirt is a great choice for someone that likes to show that they are plant-based, but send a more subtle message about it.

This sort of gift is more on the practical side, but will still be very appreciated and as vegans, we always need more shirts like this. Anyone of any gender can wear this shirt and as it isn’t too colorful, meaning it will probably go with many things they already own. It is still very much a statement piece and is a gift that works for any holiday.

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5. Plant-Powered Reusable Bag

Plant-Powered Reusable Bag

Every household needs a reusable bag, they’re better for the environment and are a lot more durable than plastic bags. They’ll be able to fit plenty into this bag all while showing others that they live a plant-based life, and this may even help them make some new vegan friends in the process! It’s always a little gut-wrenching when we have to use plastic bags, but now you can save your cruelty-free companion the stress!

Reusable bags are really coming into fashion now as people are acknowledging just what plastic is doing to the earth. This bag is made up of recyclable materials and will last your vegan friend a long time. If you know someone who often loves to shop for new vegan items, this is just what they need to put all their items in, not just to help them, but also the planet.

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6. Tofuture Tofu Press

Tofuture Tofu Press

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Less of the fun, but certainly more of the practical! If you’ve ever tried to press tofu without this, you know it can be a bit of a nightmare. Some use a pile of books, while others will find any household item heavy enough to do the job. Sounds like a bit of a mission, doesn’t it? Although it is always worth it, because of how great Tofu is to cook with, I think we could all use an easier way of pressing it.

If you’ve got someone that uses Tofu frequently in their recipes, chances are they’re probably looking for something like this. It will save them a lot of time and is a lot less hassle this way, also it creates less mess could encourage them to incorporate more tofu-based dishes in their life. No more bricks or cutting boards are needed!

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7. Vegan Coloring Book

Vegan Coloring Book

Something that would work great in a hamper or for those that enjoy coloring books with a side of humor, this is just the thing for them. Coloring books help to alleviate stress and bring out our creative side, which, some of us adults don’t do much of. If you want to find them something funny and entertaining, then this gift idea is a wonderful choice.

There are plenty of pages for them to flick through and laugh at, it’s ideal for road trips, holidays, and just a pass-time activity. Sometimes being vegan means we can get so caught up in the seriousness of it, but this light-hearted coloring book will show your vegan friend that it is okay to sit back and relax!

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8. Vegan Sticker Pack

Vegan Sticker Pack

We’ve all got that one friend who loves to cover their laptop or their notebooks with stickers, also they’re just a fun way to customize belongings. This is a brilliant idea if you know someone that likes to spread the vegan message more creatively as they can even be used for scrapbooking or put on the back of a phone case for some discreet activism.

Perhaps your vegan friend has a water bottle that needs decorating or you’re on the lookout for a stocking filler, these stickers are a cute addition to any stationery set. They’re colorful and of good quality too, nothing says eye-catching quite like these! These can also be appealing to those who are slightly younger, so any kids who are into spreading the vegan message could do so with these stickers!

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9. Turnip The Beet Apron

Turnip The Beet Apron

Aprons are pretty essential for those that spend a lot of time trying out new recipes or are in the kitchen frequently, so why not give your vegan foodie friend an apron that will make them giggle and protect their clothes at the same time!? For those friends that enjoy humor and light-hearted comedy, this is exactly the kind of gift they’ll appreciate.

Perhaps your vegan friend has been thinking of joining a cooking class, this apron has a few pockets for their notes as well as a pen pocket, so they can keep that delicious vegan recipe stored for next time. Buying gifts for a chef or a baker can be difficult as they may already have everything, but what they don’t have is this fun vegan apron to bring a smile to their face!

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10. Vegan Card Game

Vegan Card Game

Card games are a great source of entertainment and often leave everyone laughing and bringing out those competitive sides they love to show off! This suggestion is just the right thing to liven up a party even more and bring people together. Not only can you buy some colorful cards to play pairs and snaps with, but there’s also a fun nutritional game to be enjoyed too.

They’ll be able to bring these cards out during any holiday, whilst also casually informing people about the nutrition found in a variety of food and drink! So really, everyone will get to play some fun card games, and they also get subtly encouraged to eat more fruit and veg. A pretty awesome gift all around.

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11. Vegan Candle

Vegan scented soy candle

Believe me, candle lovers can never have enough candles (not that I would know that or anything and have candles dotted around the house). Anyway! If you know someone that enjoys a nice smelling house but also has a fine sense of humor, this is certainly a gift to consider, as it’ll be lovely for their house, and funny to their guests. Also, those of us that are vegan are pretty perfect so it’s like a gentle reminder!

This would work as a stocking filler, as part of a hamper, or even as a housewarming gift. Regardless of the occasion, if you’re giving this to a vegan and it has the word ‘perfect’ on it, they’re probably going to love you forever! It’s soy wax too, so no animal lives were harmed in the making.

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12. Vegan Hamper

Healthy VEGAN Snacks Care Package

It can be somewhat tiring to go around the stores trying to find all the vegan goodies to put in a hamper, looking at all the ingredients can take up quite a lot of time! Luckily you don’t have to do that with this next suggestion, from sweet to savory snacks, it’s all here ready to be given as a gift to your vegan pal.

This hamper works wonderfully as a gift because it’s got many things people probably look at in the stores but never buy for themselves. If you know a vegan family, this could be an option as there’s something for everyone to enjoy, or for someone curious about veganism to see how much variety there is.

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13. Vegan Coconut Bowls

Vegan Gift Coconut Bowls Set

If you’re a thoughtful gift-giver then this next suggestion is just the thing. Not only is this set adorable, but it will also make your vegan friend’s eating experience a lot more fun. These are not just any coconut bowls, but they have been created exclusively for vegans to enjoy. The stunning design of these products makes them super eye-catching with their rustic appearance.

These don’t just have to be used for acai bowls or smoothie bowls, if you’ve got a plant-loving friend, they can make this a home for their green friends, or it could also be used for candles, storage, and many other things. This would be a heartfelt gift I’m sure any vegan would love.

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14. Vegan Puzzle

Vegan Jigsaw Puzzle

This is not just an ordinary puzzle, oh no, this is far more fun because it’s covered in vegan foods! Another brilliant gift idea for someone that likes having people over or for those that love to do a puzzle. This would also be ideal for kids to do and would help them learn more about nuts, seeds, and veggies.

This puzzle is a fun way to show curious minds just how much vegans can eat! It will bring people together as they all try to figure out which pieces go where. Though it is a more educational type of gift, it’s a wonderful feeling once all the pieces come together, so it’s just as entertaining as it is wholesome.

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15. Vegan Notebook, Pins + Pencils

Vegan Letterbox Gift

Sometimes we vegans need somewhere to write down just how we plan on saving all the animals… and just general notes too, of course. This stationery set could not be any more ideal for that vegan you know who uses notebooks frequently and is always going through pens.

Not only do you get vegan messages engraved on the pencils, but you also get an adorable plant-powered pin badge! They’ll be able to put this on jackets, bags, or use it to accessorize their outfit. If you have a few vegan friends you could maybe even share these out if they’ve all got similar taste. This is a fun idea to gift someone on Valentine’s day to encourage them to write more or it could be a stocking filler – it’s bound to make someone smile.

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Final Thoughts

As you can see there are plenty of products available for vegans to enjoy whatever the holiday may be, it doesn’t have to be too much of a mission to find them something more unique when many brands offer a wide variety of cruelty-free items. From books to bags, to card games and candles, cruelty-free gifts can be found everywhere.

Are you a thoughtful gift giver? What are you thinking of giving your vegan friend? Any of these recommended ideas would suit any occasion and could all work on their own or as part of a bigger gift. I’m sure whatever you choose will be loved and appreciated!

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