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Is Vegan Bad For You?

I am a vegan and I have heard from many vegans that it is not healthy for you to be a vegan. I am curious as to how much truth there is in this.


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    Veganism has many benefits like helping to protect the environment, animal welfare and even one’s own health. It doesn’t necessarily sacrifice taste either, because no matter what food you’re eating you can always add a sauce or dressing made of oil and vinegar.

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    There are many benefits of being Vegan that come into play when it comes to health including lower BMI, lower blood pressure, reduced risk of chronic disease, healthier skin and hair, an easier time sticking with other restrictive diets if needed (including weight loss), and stronger immune system.

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    No, of course not! Vegetarians are usually healthier than meat eaters. There is a wide range of health benefits to eating more vegetables. Plant-based diet contains fiber, minerals, and vitamins. Many people also find it easier to lose weight by eating more vegetables.

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    In short, no! The main reason why many people are turning to a vegan diet is to have better health. The best thing about the vegan diet is that it helps you lose weight while eating healthier foods.

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    I feel like this is one of those questions where there’s no definitive answer.

    I think veganism sounds cool, but it would suck to be vegan if you live in places where all-vegan food options are limited. And the whole thing about meat extracts sounds sketchy to me – like how can they tell if there’s any animal-specific proteins? But hey, I’m not a scientist so what do I know? In the end some people might do well on a vegan diet and others might struggle with health issues related to their diet. Ultimately only you know what works for your body.

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