Is Silk Vegan?

I’m just learning to be a vegan and my friends and family keep asking me if I can wear silk. Do you know if it’s vegan?


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    Silk is not vegan, because it is made from the cocoons of silkworms. The worms are boiled alive to harvest the silk.

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    Silk is not vegan because the production of silk involves boiling silkworm eggs.

    The production of silk starts by breeding domesticated silkworms. The female silkworms lay eggs, which are then boiled and the larvae that emerge are used to make the raw silk thread. Some people argue that the boiling of the eggs does not kill the larvae, but this is a contentious issue. Even if it could be proved that the larvae survive, most vegans would still not consider using silk because of how it is produced.

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    Silk is made from silk worms. As a protein, it comes from cocoons made by the female silk worm. As such, it cannot be considered vegan.

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    Silk is not vegan, it is made from insects.

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