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Is Pectin Vegan?

I have heard that pectin is not vegan. I was wondering if anyone knew the answer. If anyone could help, it would be appreciated.


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    Yes, pectin is 100% vegan. It’s a type of fiber extracted from fruits for use in various processed foods. It’s one of several pectic substances found within the cell walls of fruits and vegetables.

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    Yes, I think it is vegan, healthy food for a healthier life . It is pure veg as it is not made with fibre consisting essentially minerals for growth .

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    Pectin is No doubt a vegan. I am sure that it’s a vegan. It is a made from the tree.

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    The infinity of natural supplements to sweeten things is well known, but particularly this one, which is something so natural and which allows us not so much to have a good taste in something delicious, but rather an adequate context, pectin and its properties are very interesting They are highly recommended to make various desserts. It should be used more in general, but for the vegan lifestyle it is optimal.

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