Is Maple Syrup Vegan?

I was wondering if maple syrup is made with animal products or not. I don’t think so, but I would like to know for sure. Thanks! I want to use it for my pancakes.


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    Yes, but it depends on how the syrup is made. Maple syrup is essentially a thin, clear liquid that has been boiled down from maple sap (which is collected by tapping the trees). The sap is heated and concentrated by boiling down the water content in the sap to about 20% water, then the remaining 80% is collected and put into containers to be processed further, typically into granules or pellets.

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    This is a tricky question. Veganism in its purest form means that the person does not use any animal products of which most foods, including most syrups, are acceptable for consumption. Maple syrup is often filtered through animal bone char (a fine powder) to remove impurities before it’s bottled. If you’re looking for maple syrup that qualifies as vegan, look for “pure maple syrup” instead of the more common grades like dark, medium, or light amber. But doesn’t qualify according to most people’s idea of what vegan food should be considered these days.

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    Technically, this answer is heavily debated. In general, veganism is used as a lifestyle for those who follow a plant-based diet as opposed to animal products, meaning they abstain from eating meat, fish, or seafood including eggs and dairy products. However, maple syrup does not contain any animal ingredients and therefore many argue it can be considered vegan friendly.

    Maple syrup contains no obvious indication of the use of non-vegan ingredients in its production. But it does have hints that point to the fact that the tree sap was boiled before sugar cane refining occurred which indicates that there may have been some boiling using animal fats such as lard or butter for flavorings.

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    Maple syrup is vegan. It’s made substantially from pure maple sap and water (sometimes sugar), and the production doesn’t rely at all on any form of animal product. It can be used as a substitute for honey or other sweeteners, and because it doesn’t contain actual honey, I wouldn’t know how to answer that question.

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    Maple syrup is made from the boiled and evaporated sap of sugar maple trees. Some people assume that because it does not contain any animal products, it would be considered vegan.

    The problem with this assumption comes back to how we view the word vegan: did you choose a non-dairy milk instead of dairy milk? Did you eat a vegetarian burger or serve one at your house? Vegans do not consume anything that contains animal byproducts — even if those byproducts are derived from something like an apple (since apples grow on trees!) As such, maple syrup would not be considered vegan since it contains some byproducts which come from an animal product (the tree!).

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    It is very hard to say that it is or isn’t vegan. There are many types of maple syrup that are made from sugar beets and not from maple trees. Maple syrup is usually vegan.

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