Is Liam Hemsworth Vegan?

I am currently looking at buying a vegan, and I have found some really great information on this site, and one of the things I am interested in is what sort of diet Liam Hemsworth follows. He has said that he is a vegan, but I am wondering if he is actually vegetarian, or if he eats a lot of dairy products. Does anyone know for sure?


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    I don’t think Liam is vegan, I think he just says he is because it sounds like a good thing to say. He says he is on a raw diet, but not 100% raw, so maybe he just wants to be different. I think he should be more open about his food choices, and he should be honest. I think if you are vegan then you should be open about it.

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    Liam is vegan.He is considered himself as a vegetarian from 4 years.He has suffered from kidney disease for long period. That time he chose vegetarian diet.

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