Is Jello Vegan?

Is Jello Vegan? I heard jello contains gelatin. I was told it does but is there a way to make jello without gelatin? I was looking at agar-agar for the protein and was wondering if that would work.


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    Jello is not vegan. It is made of gelatin which is a protein derived from collagen. Collagen is derived from animal products so in order to be vegan you need to avoid all animal products.

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    Jello isn’t vegan and to my knowledge there is no vegan substitute, jello is made from collagen which is derived from the bones and skin from pigs and cattle and the springy texture that makes jello, jello comes from the collagen. There is currently no known plant based substitute for collagen so any jello you will find or can make will not be vegan

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    Jello is not vegan. It contains gelatin, which is made from collagen. Collagen is a substance that is made from animal parts such as bones and hooves.

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    Jello vegan contains is gelatin. It is not vegan. Jello basically comes from collagen. Any Jello you will find or can make will not be vegan.

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    Jello is not vegan. This one is pretty obvious because it’s in the name. Jello is made from collagen which is derived from the bones and skin of pigs. Is made from animal parts.

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