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Is Brown Sugar Vegan?


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    Yes. Brown sugar is made from sugar cane, which is a plant.

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    It depends on what brand of brown sugar you’re using. Some brands are made from refined sugar, which is non-vegan.

    Brown sugar has raw sugar cane in it and is made without any refining. This type of sugar may be used as a sweetener for vegans.

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    Brown sugar is vegan because it’s just cane or beet sugar that has been either browned and caramelized by heat, or soaked in a syrup made from some kind of meat (like molasses). Brown sugar should not contain anything animal-derived other than the cane or beet juice solids.

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    Brown sugar is usually vegan, except when it’s chemically refined.

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    Yes, brown sugar are vegan cause it’s not refined and is made 100% out of sugarcane without any additives and it is good for vegan.

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