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Is Ariana Grande Vegan?

What’s up with Ariana Grande? Does anybody know if she is a vegan or follow the vegan lifestyle? I know that she doesn’t eat meat but I just wanna know if she is a vegan. I know some people think that she is not. Any proof?

Polina Zueva
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Certified nutritionist. Vegan for more than 10 years. Pole dance instructor. Fitness Athlete.

Yes, Ariana Grande is vegan. She messages on Twitter in 2013 about that. Proof here


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    Ariana Grande isn’t vegan, but she uses vegan ingredients in her diet. This includes almond milk, vegan ice cream, and veggie burgers.

    This isn’t to say that she’s a vegan (she’s not), but just that she’s incorporating more vegan-friendly food items into her diet.

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    Ariana Grande followed a vegetarian diet when she was younger and has moved to veganism in 2013. Aside from her show “Sam & Cat,” Grande’s Twitter posts reveal that she follows veganism because of animal rights activism. Her song “Break Free” is an anti-animal cruelty message about the suffering of animals in the fur industry, leather, and circuses as well as in pet shops and fast food chains. She also plans to write an inspirational children’s book on veganism for her nieces and nephews soon.

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    yes, Ariana Grande is a vegan and has been since 2013. She is a fan of veganism, eating healthy and eating plant based foods. She has said she loves animals, and also eats wholefoods and a plant based diet to “expand your life length and make you an all-around happier person”

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