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Can vegan eat fish?

Is it possible to be a vegan and eat fish? I am not talking about eating the fish that has been raised in an aquaculture facility. I mean eating the fish that is caught in the ocean or caught in a freshwater stream or river.


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    The short answer is no, if you intend to be completely Vegan that means no animal products whatsoever that include fish, shellfish, and other seafood. However, there are many substitutes available if you’d like to make a seafood-themed vegan dish.

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    If you follow a Pescatarian diet or lifestyle, then yes. A vegan diet/lifestyle means abstaining from the use of animals for any purpose which could include beauty products and clothes.

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    Vegans generally do not eat fish. Vegans and vegetarians are often misunderstood by omnivores who think they can eat fish, and some vegetarians do.

    Pescetarian – A vegetarian who eats fish but does not eat meat.

    A vegetarian is someone who doesn’t eat products that come from dead animals, birds or fish, as well as sweets that contain gelatine (vegetarians are allowed to eat chocolate, Skittles* in England* and other vegetarian sweets).

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    Well, No but it actually still depends on the individual because we have different kinds of vegans. Some vegans are not strict,some are open to eating protein based meals while some are not.
    Some vegans can take milk and fish. Strict Vegans are not permitted to eat any of these.. therefore if the individual is not a strict Vegan,then Yes he/she can eat fish.

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