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Can Vegan Drink Alcohol?

I’ve been thinking about this and I was wondering if it’s possible to make a vegan drink that has the same flavor as regular alcohol. Like, if you have a soy based drink with an alcohol base, would that be good? I’m not really interested in drinking, but I am in a situation where I need to be around alcohol.


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    You can drink alcohol, but you would need to know the difference in types of drinks in order to avoid accidentally consuming animal product or dairy fat. The most popular wines are made with fermented grapes containing residual sugar and veggies, so these wines are often vegan-friendly. However, other wine products are occasionally mixed with egg whites or dairy cream alcohols for flavor or texture that prohibits them from being considered vegan-friendly.

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    Yes, if it is made from vegetables, fruits or flowers that grow without any help of sunlight. Vegetable alcohol can be extracted from many plants. But, unfortunately, vegetable alcohol cannot become as strong as the alcohol of animal origin.

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    There are no rules for what a vegan should or should not eat, drink or use. Therefore, there is no reason why a vegan cannot drink alcohol. They can even drink wine if they so desire. They simply do not eat anything that has been killed to get it. This does not include beer because it is made from fermented grain. It is the same with tea and coffee. They do not drink anything that has been killed to get it.

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    No! All alcoholic drinks are made using animal products, such as grain and yeast. Alcohol is created from sugar or starch that animals eat.

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