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Are Potato Chips Vegan?

Can you eat potato chips? I know that they don’t contain meat, but they don’t say anything about dairy or eggs. They don’t even mention the word “egg”. I’m not asking you to be my personal nutritionist, just to tell me if they are vegan.


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    Potato chips are made by cutting potatoes into thin slices and deep frying them in oil. It is then cooled and prepared for cooking. This type of potato is for those who like vegetarian. This type of potato is my favorite. Some flavored potato chips may contain animal-derived ingredients such as milk and honey. Such chips are for those who are not vegetarians. However, such tips are not on my list of favorites.

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    Usually potato chips are vegan. The main ingredients are potato, salt and vegetable oil. Nothing is added from animal derivative. Although some spices are added to make it more tasty, these come from vegan source. There are some potato chips that contain milk, honey or meat-based flavor which are not vegan. One should read the ingredients before purchase it.

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