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Are Oreos Vegan?

I am a vegan, and I eat Oreos all the time. They seem to be pretty good. However, I have been researching vegan food and I am confused. I am not sure if Oreos are vegan or not. Can anyone tell me if they are?


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    Yes! The company’s website states that they are made from soybean oil, sugar, salt, yeast extract, and wheat flour. The word “vegan” is often used to describe a food or beverage that is made without animal products.

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    Yes! No animal products or by-products are used in the making of Oreos.

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    Oreos vegan! It contains no ingredients of animal origin and can be safely eaten.

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    The composition of Oreo is only plant-based. May be considered vegan. Because it has nothing to do with animal products. Can be safely consumed by a vegan

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