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Are French Fries Vegan?

Hello. My question is: are french fries vegan? I am trying to make a list of vegan items that I would like to buy for my boyfriend and me, and I need some help with this.


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    Yes! They’re just potatoes after all. Potato skins are not animal products. Potato skins contain no meat at all. They are only made of a carbohydrate called starch. So, French fries are vegan as well.

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    The short answer is: yes. However, the longer answer is: it depends. The best way to know if fries are vegan is to check the label. If it says “vegetable oil” or “vegetable oil fried in peanut oil,” then the fries are vegan. But beware: some restaurants fry them in the same oil as they use to fry meat.

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    If you buy a frozen bag of french fries and cook them in oil, they are not vegan. If you want them to be vegan, cook them without oil or bake them in the oven.

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    French fries are vegan because they are cooked in vegetable oil. This is a common misconception, though. They can also be made with animal fat (margarine), but there’s no evidence that this makes them any healthier or less unhealthy than using vegetable oil. If you do make them with animal fat, it will be very obvious. For example, you would know that the fries were prepared with animal fat because the color of the fries would be browner than if they were made with a healthy vegetable oil.

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    French fries are fried food and fried food is not vegan. However, they can be made without the use of animal products. This is achieved by using oils with a higher smoke point temperature such as sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, or peanut oil.

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    A simple way to tell whether a potato is vegan is to look at the ingredient list. If it says “Potatoes,” it’s vegan.

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    If the fries are made with margarine, they’re NOT vegan. Margarine is animal fat. Look for a “vegetable oil” label.

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    Depends on the oils used for frying. French fries can be made using animal fat or vegetable oil. There should be a special label if the fries were fried in vegetable oil. And the ones fried in animal fat are slightly darker.

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