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Are Figs Vegan?

Are figs vegan? I know that they can be grown on a tree, and they don’t have a lot of nutrition, but are they still vegan?


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    Yes, figs are vegan-friendly.

    Figs come from a plant that has only female flowers so they are naturally vegan.

    Although most commercially grown figs have honey added to them some are made the natural way with just sugar water, which is always a vegan option.

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    Fig lovers don’t need to worry about finding ethical food. There’s something really amazing about that. Fig trees produce fruit all year round and they require very little maintenance, so the tree can do a lot of its own work while we humans take a break from our typical city life for a few minutes or hours 🙂

    The fig is really one of nature’s best creations in terms of not eating things if you’re looking to avoid animal products…

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    Technically yes, but I don’t really think it’s a good lifestyle choice.

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    Surprisingly, yes. Figs seem to be vegan because they are a fruit, not an animal product.

    Figs are classified as fruits because they have seeds grown on them – meaning nearly all berries qualify too. They are similar to the apples, avocados, oranges, pomegranates, or bananas that line our city’s produce shelves in both color and sweetness.

    Here’s an easy way to tell if something is vegan or not- does it grow from the ground? If so – it’s probably vegan!

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    Not sure if the figs are 100% vegan as the wasp who polinise them it is digested on the inside of the fig. Of course there is a long process, and if you eat a fig you will not find any rest of a wasp but I guess for the more ortodox vegan population this fruit could be considered an animal product at some point.

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