6 Best Vegan Testosterone Boosters To Buy In April 2024

The Best Vegan Testosterone Boosters Plus Safety, Side Effects, Natural & Herbal Options

Your muscles, sex drive, and production of semen are all possible because of testosterone. It’s this special hormone that makes men, men.

So, it’s not surprising then that more and more men are looking to boost testosterone levels with a supplement. Or in case, a testosterone booster.

There is no denying just how important testosterone is to muscle growth. Multiple studies have found a link between higher levels of testosterone and improved muscle mass and strength.

Not all men are made equal, and thus many of them fall shorter than others on the level of testosterone production. Many factors affect levels of testosterone, such as:

  • Diet
  • Levels of estrogen (female hormone)
  • Alcohol
  • Stress
  • Infections
  • Emotions
  • Mental health
  • Age
  • Injury
  • Disease
  • Weight
  • Medications

Testosterone effects Infographic

To help fight against low levels of free testosterone, men are looking for testosterone boosters. Most of these men are avid weightlifters and regulars at the gym. But, having adequate levels of testosterone is also vital to a man’s general health and wellbeing.

In this article, we discuss the safety of supplementing testosterone, the benefits, the side effects, and we start by listing the best vegan testosterone boosting supplements you can buy.

Top 6 Vegan Testosterone Booster Supplements

Below you can choose the best vegan testosterone booster on the market to push your muscle growth. Each has been chosen based on brand reputability, product quality, testing, and customer reviews.

1. Essential Elements T-Hero

Essential Elements T-Hero

Essential Elements are a reputable brand and premier supplier of health and sports supplements. The two key ingredients include 600mg of Ashwagandha and 500mg of Shilajit.

Both ingredients have been shown to boost testosterone levels in healthy men. Shilajit is a mineral resin found in the Himalayas that is rich in fulvic acid.

Essential elements have also included DIM and boron, which help ensure your body can manage the increased testosterone levels. BioPerine black pepper extract is the cherry on top, allowing for the best absorption possible.

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2. Nobi Nutrition Premium Test Booster

nobi nutrition premium test booster

Specially formulated using Saw Palmetto, Longjack, Tribulus Terrestris, Horny Goat Weed, and more to boost your testosterone healthily and naturally.

Nobi Nutrition is a well-trusted supplement brand that only uses premium quality ingredients formulated in a GMP-approved facility and is tested for purity and quality.

The supplement also includes a boost of magnesium, zinc, and Tribulus Terrestris, proven to improve stamina and physical activity performance.

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3. Extreme Test Advanced Testosterone Booster

extreme test advanced testosterone booster

Formulated using only the best ingredients and made in the USA, Extreme Test has created an effective testosterone booster. Ingredients include Horny Goat Weed, Tongkat Ali Root, Saw Palmetto, Wild Yam, and more.

The product has a loyal following, with many reporting noticeable differences in their energy levels, libido, stamina, and confidence in a matter of days or weeks. Each bottle contains a 30 day supply, and the capsules are tested for safety.

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4. Military Muscle Testosterone Booster Complex

military muscle testosterone booster complex

Highly potent, well-tested, and a formula backed by evidence. Military Muscle has created a very effective testosterone booster. If you’re looking for a serious boost to your testosterone levels, look no further.

Suitable for all men over the age of 18, Military Muscle has been formulated to boost your energy levels, increase stamina, and improve performance. It’s also rich in Vitamin D, which has been shown to boost testosterone levels and improve your mood, among many other benefits.

Customer reviews are very positive, and all report a significant boost in mood and energy.

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5. Centra Peak T-Booster

centra peak t-booster

One of the best-known vegan testosterone boosters, Centra Peak T-Booster, is well-loved by customers. The formula is based on scientific evidence, including the addition of Zinc, D3, Vitamin K2, and Luteolin.

If you’re struggling with your mood and want to increase muscle mass, the T-Booster can help you with both.

Centra Peak is a transparent company, which is why their customers love them. You will find a no-nonsense guide to their product on their website, including a full list of the ingredients used.

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6. Primasurge Testosterone Booster

primasurge testosterone booster

Scientifically formulated and 100% natural ingredients. Primasurge is a beast of a product including Ashwagandha, Safed Musli, Shilajit, Long Jack, and Boron in its ingredients. It also includes Bioperine for extra absorption.

Crafted in a USA-based GMP facility and ingredients tested, Primasurge is a high-quality supplement that is effective and reasonably priced. You won’t find any nasty ingredients in there, and the brand guarantees quality for their customers.

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What are Testosterone Booster Supplements?

The term “Testosterone Booster” is an umbrella term for the many different supplements sold to help boost your levels of testosterone. Deciding on which one is suitable for you will depend on your current testosterone levels, which you should have checked by a medical professional.

Do they work? Yes, many of them do work effectively and are even recommended by doctors for low testosterone levels. However, your doctor will also stress the importance of combining your booster with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

If you need a gentle increase of testosterone, you will find over-the-counter herbal or sports supplements that will do the trick.

For those in need of a significant elevation in testosterone, your doctor may be able to prescribe you DHEA. This is a prescription-only precursor steroid hormone. It can only be taken under close supervision, as DHEA’s mishandling can lead to several serious health issues.

There are also plenty of natural testosterone boosters to consider, such as the foods you eat and specific nutrients that support testosterone’s healthy production naturally in the body.

Do Vegans Need Testosterone Booster Supplements?

Male Testosterone Prodaction with Age. Testosterone Hormonal Level

A big misconception about vegan men is that the change to plant-based foods decreases their levels of testosterone. This misconception is built on the idea of meat being “manly,” but it is entirely false, and in fact, for most vegan men, the opposite happens. Their testosterone levels increase on a plant-based diet.

Multiple studies have now shown that testosterone levels are higher in vegetarian and vegan men (1). Why? Because you increase your intake of healthy and nutritious plant foods, which act as natural testosterone boosters. You also reduce the number of processed foods, which have been shown to lower testosterone levels.

Soy foods are often labeled as testosterone, reducing foods. The evidence of which is still very much inconclusive. Current studies are conflicting, and the studies in which decreases in testosterone levels are observed are not worth worrying about.

Benefits of Healthy Testosterone Levels

Testosterone is the male hormone, and healthy hormone levels lead to hundreds of benefits to your body. Here are the top six benefits:

  • Healthy heart and blood
  • Less fat, more muscle
  • Stronger bones
  • Improved memory and cognitive function
  • Increased sex drive
  • Better mood

All the above make for one healthy and happy man.

Ingredients to Look Out for When Buying Testosterone Booster Supplements

After a bit of research into testosterone supplements, you will notice that recurring ingredients are being used in various combinations. Here are the ingredients you want:

  • Ashwagandha – an adaptogen that reduces stress, boosts testosterone levels and increases physical endurance and stamina.
  • Horny Goat Weed – a natural aphrodisiac that boosts hormone production.
  • Long Jack – enhances libido and boosts hormone production.
  • Tribulus Terrestris – increases libido by stimulating the anterior pituitary gland to release LH, which is, in a way, responsible for producing testosterone.
  • Fenugreek – increases levels of testosterone.
  • Zinc – zinc deficiency leads to low levels of testosterone.
  • Vitamin D – research suggests low levels of vitamin D is linked to low testosterone levels.

Side Effects of Boosting Testosterone Levels

Testosterone boosters are safe to take as long as they’re taken responsibly. A few ingredients in the supplements may affect you if you have pre-existing intolerances to them.

Symptoms of intolerances may include:

  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Stomachache
  • Poor sleep

It’s always important to monitor your health and feelings when supplementing any product. If you sense that you’re having adverse reactions to the testosterone supplements, you should stop using them immediately.

A Warning About Anabolic Steroids

Don’t do it. While many are tempted to take anabolic steroids to achieve their fitness goals quicker, it is highly illegal and hazardous.

Abuse of anabolic steroids can result in many severe health conditions and can (and often does) lead to death.

Some side effects of anabolic steroids are irreversible. You could even stop your body’s natural production of testosterone altogether.

Instead, read this article, find the best testosterone booster supplement for your needs, and try that instead. Testosterone boosters are safe and legal.

Natural Testosterone Boosters

7 natural ways boost testosterone. Infographics

You don’t have to supplement testosterone to boost your levels. Your body is pretty damn good at producing testosterone all by itself. The following are natural ways to help increase your body’s natural production of testosterone.

Intermittent Fasting

Some research has shown that intermittent fasting can help boost testosterone production (2) by 200-400 times!

Intermittent fasting requires you to skip meals and dedicate specific time slots of the day where you eat nothing at all. You can find my full guide to intermittent fasting as a vegan here.

Certain Foods

Eating a healthy and wholesome diet has been shown to increase testosterone levels in men. However, there are also specific foods that can give you an extra boost that you may want to focus on.

  • Ginger
  • Pomegranates
  • Fortified plant milk
  • Leafy green vegetables
  • Extra-virgin olive oil
  • Onions
  • Flaxseeds
  • Pumpkin seeds

Heavy Weight Training and Interval Training

Aggressive young man in glasses screaming and tearing off his shirt

Hit the gym three times a week and combine strength training with HIIT for a serious boost in testosterone. Lifting heavy weights for 30-minute sessions can help boost your testosterone in no time.

Other research has shown that when you work out at 90-100% of your effort level (as HIIT training requires), your body can also boost testosterone production. It will also help you shift weight quicker.

Liver Detox

Okay, I’m not talking about some nonsense “detox diet” that sold my quack nutritionist on Twitter. It is possible to detox your liver, the organ that cleans the toxins out from your body. You’re not “removing” toxins. You’re just going to improve your liver’s function to do its job better and more efficiently.

A liver that is overworked and running poorly can affect your testosterone output. To cleanse your liver, complete the following for one week:

  • Remove processed foods, excess sugar, and excess “bad” fats from your diet.
  • Drink lots of water and vegetable juices.
  • Eat foods rich in potassium.
  • Supplement with milk thistle, dandelion, and turmeric.

Your liver is an incredible organ that does a great job of detoxing your body. The above will give it a simple cleanse and boost productivity.

Stress Reduction

People don’t know just how dangerous stress is. Stress affects almost every part of our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally. Stress has also been shown to decrease testosterone levels.

Some stress is an integral part of life and is healthy, but chronic stress is very damaging to our health and wellbeing. Stress can also show up in various ways, from the classic feelings of anxiety and dread to the more unseen internal stress that builds up over time.

If you think you’re stressed, research ways on how to manage and handle it.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D supplementation can boost testosterone levels by 30% (3). A deficiency in Vitamin D will see your testosterone levels drop through the floor.

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that many do not consume enough through the sunshine and the foods we eat. This is terrible news because vitamin D is “the happy vitamin.”

Beauty Sleep

Sleep is not always good to sleep. You need quality sleep that is undisturbed, peaceful, and allows your body to properly rest. Modern busy lives and technological distraction is making beauty sleep a thing of the past for most but is vital to health.

You need to have a sleep routine and get at least 7 hours every time. Some can be happy for 6 hours, but most need 7-8 hours. A lack of sleep affects your cortisol levels, which then affects your testosterone levels. Get some quality sleep!

Cut Out Sugar and Lower Your Body Weight

Excess sugar in your diet, mainly processed sugar, is just bad news all around. It’s simply not good for your body and negatively affects your body in hundreds of ways, including lowering your testosterone levels. Those with Type-2 diabetes have been consistently shown to reduce testosterone levels (4).

Lowering your body weight, which is possible by reducing sugar in the diet, can also boost testosterone levels. Many studies have shown an apparent link between weight loss and higher levels of testosterone.

Final Thoughts

Testosterone boosters can help those who have low testosterone levels or want a boost to help them with their fitness goals. Always ensure you follow the recommended guidelines and stop taking if you notice adverse reactions.

If you’re vegan, you don’t necessarily need testosterone boosters. Go get checked by your doctor and seek his advice before taking any testosterone booster. Unless you have specific fitness goals or are unhealthy, you likely won’t need supplementation.


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  4. Low Testosterone and Diabetes (source)



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