Best Jojoba Oils For Your Face, Hair, Skin & Nails In 2024 . Buyer's Guide

The Best Jojoba Oil Money Can Buy

Not another trendy beauty product! Don’t worry, this one is actually useful and even worth writing an entire article about. You know how winter completely sucks? It’s cold, miserable, extremely wet or extremely dry, your skin dries out and your hair goes all coarse. Basically, winter sucks for those of us trying to stay beautiful. Say hello to jojoba oil. The latest beauty trend that can help you with all your winter beauty ailments.

I imagine most of you’re thinking “what on earth is jojoba oil?!” Let this guide inform you of this essential new addition to your makeup bag.

First though, here are the 6 best jojoba oils on the market right now.

The Top-6 Jojoba Oil Products

1. Viva Naturals Organic Jojoba Oil

Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

This jojoba oil from Viva Naturals is USDA Organic Certified and is hexane-free, fragrance-free, and made without any additives, allergens, or preservatives.

You get nothing but 100% pure oil which will boost your skin’s hydration leaving you with soft and beautiful skin.

This particular jojoba oil from Viva Naturals comes in a handy “no-fuss” pump bottle for ease of use.

Amazon: 3,800 reviews and 4.5 stars

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2. Leven Rose Organic Jojoba Oil

Jojoba Oil by Leven Rose

Leven Rose only sells 100% unrefined, organic, cold-pressed Oil produced in the USA. There are no additives, no parabens, non-GMO, and no fragrance.

Leven Rose ensures that the oil is unrefined so that the essential nutrients and fatty acids are left in the oil. The oil is cold-pressed using an expeller. This manages to press out the oil without heating it. Heat leads to the oil losing its beneficial properties so cold-pressing is an important part of the process.

Amazon: 11,400 reviews and 4.5 stars.

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3. Now Foods Organic Jojoba Oil

now foods certified organic jojoba oil

This jojoba oil from Now Foods is both USDA Organic and Organic by Quality Assurance International certified. The oil is cold-pressed to ensure the oil retains all its beneficial properties and includes no nasty ingredients.

The oil contains no synthetic ingredients or harsh chemicals so that your skin is kept as safe as possible.

iHerb: 4300 reviews and 4.5 stars.

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4. Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Desert Essence 100% Pure Jojoba Oil

Sourced from non-GMO certified native farms in the Peruvian desert, this 100% pure oil is a favorite among many beauty consumers.

The jojoba plants used by Desert Essence are nurtured with organic and sustainable nutrients. The seeds are hand-harvested and cold-pressed. Unfortunately, this oil is not certified organic at this moment in time.

Amazon: 1,150 reviews and 4.5 stars.

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5. Cliganic 100% Pure Organic Jojoba Oil

USDA Organic Jojoba Oil 16 oz with Pump

This jojoba oil from Cliganic is 100% pure, USDA certified organic, non-GMO verified and contains no additives, no alcohol, no added fragrance, and is not diluted.

What’s more, Cliganic will give you a 100% refund if you’re not happy with their product. This is always the sign of a great product when the company has complete faith in what they offer.

Amazon: 1,650 reviews and 4.5 stars.

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6. Radha Beauty Organic Jojoba Oil

Radha Beauty USDA Certified Organic Jojoba Oil

100% pure USDA organic and One Cert Certified Organic. This is a top product from Radha that is pesticide-free and contains no sulfates, no parabens, no artificial colorants, no synthetic fragrances, no harmful chemicals. It is also gluten-free and hypo-allergenic.

The fancy blue bottle is actually provided to protect against UV rays to protect the oil from losing its quality. Which makes you wonder if all the other jojoba oil products are losing their quality due to being exposed to light!

Amazon: 680 reviews and 4.5 stars.


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So, What The Hell is Jojoba Oil?

It may sound like something from an alien planet, but jojoba (pronounced “hohoba”) is a very real plant from right here on planet earth. But it’s not really a plant, more like a shrub and is technically an evergreen. The jojoba plant (shrub) is native to the Southwest United States.

The oil itself is produced by squeezing it out of jojoba nuts that grow on plants. If you’ve never heard of the jojoba plant, you may have heard of it under one of it’s nicknames such as the deer nut, wild hazel, or coffee berry.

How Do I Use Jojoba Oil?

First, it’s important to always buy 100% pure jojoba oil. Don’t settle for anything less, it’s just not worth the money.

This oil is a great base for DIY skincare. It can be used as an ideal carrier oil for many of your favorite DIY skincare products such as facial oils, facial polishes, body scrubs, face serums, and massage oils, or alone as an easy and natural eye-makeup remover.

Or you can just use the oil on its own as a natural skin hydrator. Jojoba oil can improve your skin, nails, hair, scars, and can even reduce signs of aging.

Why You Should Use Jojoba Oil

Young woman applying an oil mask on hair in front of a mirror

The list of benefits for using jojoba oil is well detailed and almost endless. Here is a list of the main benefits of using jojoba oil backed by scientific evidence and user reviews.

Quality Moisturizer

Jojoba oil is a humectant ingredient. This is a fancy word for describing an ingredient that can seal your skin with a protective barrier to stop it from losing moisture.

This leads to more hydrated skin, less dryness, and can work to defend against bacterial infection.


One of the reasons jojoba oil has become so popular is its benefits for those struggling with acne. Yes, the rumors are true! The oil can actually help you alleviate your acne. Bit, it might not work for everyone. Consumer experience varies a lot on this topic.

From a purely scientific point of view, jojoba oil used in a clay mask face has been found to help heal skin lesions and mild acne. Other studies have suggested that jojoba used as a herbal drug has positive effects on acne.

However, there is a lack of science for the case of the oil on its own having a positive effect on acne. Try looking for products that include jojoba oil as an ingredient such as moisturizers, clay masks, creams, and lotions.


The term anti-aging should almost always be avoided when it comes to beauty products. Almost always, however, there have been some theories that jojoba oil can in fact help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

While there are no studies linking jojoba oil to anti-aging, we know that oxidative stress can be linked to aging such as wrinkles and fine lines. We know that other plants with antioxidant properties can help with wrinkles and fine lines. It’s likely that the oil is no different.

Chapped Lips

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamin E, vitamin b-complex, and zinc. It’s these essential nutrients that make jojoba oil such a well-hydrating oil. Many people use the on their dry, chapped, and cracked lips with great effect.

Healthy Nails

Dry and damaged nail cuticles can be a pain in the ass! Thankfully the oil once again comes to the rescue. To avoid your dry cuticles becoming infected, jojoba oil with its super hydrating and antimicrobial properties can be used to moisturize them.

If you suffer from dry and damaged cuticles, try creating a jojoba oil and tea tree oil DIY product. Together, these two oils will hydrate your nails and ward of any bacteria growth in the cracks of your skin.

Prevents Razor Burn

The natural healing properties of jojoba oil can significantly help with any razor burns experienced during shaving. Jojoba oil soothers the surface skin to help mitigate the issues of any bumps or rashes too.

Just a few drops of jojoba oil on the skin before shaving will be enough to reduce razor burns during your next shave.

Soothes Sunburn

That powerful vitamin E once again comes into play to help soothe any sunburn you may have. Vitamin E is a common ingredient in sun care products for this reason. When combined with antioxidants, it is even more powerful. Thankfully, the oil contains both.

It can help to restore moisture to your skin with the help of vitamin E. This repairs any skin damage from the sun which dehydrates and flakes your skin.

Cracked Feet

A few drops of jojoba oil massage into your feet after a bath or shower is enough to help hydrate your skin and avoid cracked skin on the feet.

Many consumers report a significant improvement in the health of their skin on their feet using the oil in this way.

Dry Hair/Dandruff

Jojoba oil helps to control sebum production. This is because jojoba oil is so similar to the sebum that your body creates naturally. Once you apply jojoba oil it hydrates and soothes the skin. Your brain then sends a signal to your hair and sweat follicles that you don’t require any extra sebum for hydration.

This product is very effective for treating dry scalps and dandruff for these reasons.

Hair Loss

Jojoba oil is rich in vitamins and minerals that can nourish hair (vitamin C, B vitamins, vitamin E, copper, and zinc). These nutrients help to strengthen hair and some studies have even suggested they can help prevent hair loss.

The product does such a great job of moisturizing hair follicles. This helps prevent dryness that can lead to hair loss.

What Makes Jojoba so Great?

Jojoba oil in a glass bottle

Jojoba oil is one of the most versatile beauties and health products out there. The long list of benefits listed above has helped it to become one of the most popular products on the market.

But it doesn’t stop there. Below are even more reasons why people are jumping on the jojoba oil train.

It’s Not Actually An Oil

This may be confusing as you have just spent about 5 minutes reading about jojoba OIL. And while that is the official name, it’s technically a wax and NOT and oil.

Why is this beneficial? Because it is notably lighter, less greasy, and much more stable than oil. This is what helps it to be such a good hydrator for your skin.

It’s Almost Identical To Your Skin’s Natural Oils

It’s hard to believe that a wax that comes from a random shrub can be so similar to the natural oils produced by our skin. But it’s true and it’s for this reason why jojoba oil works so well.

Sebum is naturally produced by your body to help hydrate your skin and hair follicles. When you use the oil it doesn’t add to the oil already on your skin, rather it balances the oils out. This means it won’t clog your pores like other oils and can help reduce acne.

It’s Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Once upon a time, humans lived outside and as a result, our skin was much tougher and able to deal with the elements. Now, we mostly sit indoors sheltered away from the natural world watching Netflix. What’s more, the number of nasty chemicals and toxins floating around is affecting our skin.

If you suffer from dry or irritated skin you might want to give it a go. You may find it really helpful in hydrating your skin and reducing the symptoms of conditions like eczema and psoriasis.

It’s Multi-Purpose

Jojoba oil is primarily used for hydrating skin or as an oil carrier for DIY skin routines. But, it is also great for removing makeup, hydrating your hair, healing wounds, healing scars, and protecting your skin from bacteria and any fungal issues.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Jojoba Oil

Glass bottles with an oil on wooden table

Before diving into the wonderful world of jojoba oil you might want to take the following into consideration.

The Purity of the Oil

First, you will want to make sure that the jojoba oil is 100% pure before you make the purchase. Why? Because many of the benefits listed out in this article can not be realized without 100% purity.

In a bid to cut costs, some naughty companies like to mix jojoba oil with other oils resulting in a poor quality product. Always read the ingredient list before buying.

Make Sure It Is Cold-Pressed

When jojoba oil is exposed to heat it loses a lot of its natural nutrients and antioxidants. This means you won’t get to benefit from any of it’s wonderful natural properties.

Cold-pressing ensures that all the oil’s natural properties are kept intact and ready for your skin to absorb.

You Only Want Organic

When it comes to rubbing things into your skin you want to make sure you’re only rubbing in natural ingredients. You don’t want any nasty chemicals like pesticides or herbicides. This is the same reason you should aim to eat organic foods. Who wants to eat nasty chemicals for lunch?

The best jojoba oils are those that are verified organic either by the USDA or Quality Assurance International. This way you can be assured you’re only getting natural ingredients with none of the harmful chemicals.

Yes, organic is always more expensive but it’s well worth it to keep your skin healthy.


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