6 Best Vegan Protein Bars (2021 Review) For Men & Women

Vegan Protein Bars: A Healthy Alternative to Conventional Protein Supplements?

Vegans usually have difficulties when it comes to getting enough protein in their diet. However, now there are ways to circumvent that, and one of the best sources of purely vegan protein is a vegan protein bar or other vegan protein supplements.

A vegan protein bar contains only plant-based protein, so it is fully compatible with the vegan diet. It differs in quite a few ways from conventional protein bars. It is superior because it contains no harmful ingredients, such as gluten or soy products. These bars are made by many manufacturers and there are many of them on the market.

The best protein bars are also free of salt and sugar, which are a serious problem in other protein bars. Nonetheless, they taste pretty good and are definitely a tasty addition to your diet. Overall these bars are the best kind of vegan protein supplement up to date.

What are vegan protein bars?

Homemade healthy snack-granola vegan protein bars

These bars are made of various plant-based proteins. The most prominent ingredients are rice and pea protein, but there are a great variety of other, very healthy ingredients too, such as chia seeds, tapioca syrup, and almond extract. They do contain some flavoring, usually in the form of some natural product, like chocolate chips, and a small amount of natural sea salt.

The bars are not composed of pure protein – they have a large percentage of fiber, which comes in the form of chia seeds and tapioca fiber. The bars can be purchased with various flavors, including peanut butter and chocolate. Only natural sweeteners should be used for flavoring.

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Why do vegans need protein bars?

If you are a vegan, then, no doubt, you have experienced difficulties in getting the needed amount of protein. While many vegans can make do with their diet, athletes and bodybuilders have trouble getting the right amount of protein. Plant sources are sparse and hard to get. To make the aim more achievable, athletes consume protein supplements, but again, plant-based supplements are scarce. However, the protein bar solves this problem, giving you a good amount of protein in one bite.

Are these bars healthy?

Homemade healthy snack - granola vegan protein bars

Indeed they are, and actually more so than most conventional protein bars. For one thing, they are totally devoid of allergens, such as gluten, milk proteins, and soy components. We will inspect the composition of an ideal vegan bar, which is considered to be the perfect representative of vegan protein bars.

The bar should contain very little sugar in salt – there should preferably be less than 5 grams of sugar in each, and the little salt that is used should be natural sea salt.

The bar contains a balanced amount of nutrients – it is not just protein. There is also a good amount of fat, fiber, and carbohydrates present, even though protein is the key ingredient.

The source of the fat should be natural unsaturated fat, which is the best kind of organic fat. Natural plant oils do not cause allergies and are advised for people with skin conditions.

The carbohydrates are sourced from grains and legumes – rice, oat, and pea. Also, a small amount comes from chia seeds, which are a valuable and desired component in vegan protein bars. And the fiber component comes from chia and rice.

Overall the ingredient list can be considered especially healthy. Vegan protein bars are a good supplement, and even though they can not replace an entire meal, they are great as a snack.

Will vegan protein bars help with weight loss?

Yes, but only if you lead an otherwise healthy lifestyle. The bars will supplement your muscles with protein for healthy growth, but they will not replace other necessary things. No amount of protein bars will cover up for, say, a bad diet or lack of exercise.

Now that we have covered the purpose and composition of vegan protein bars, we will now describe the 6 best products. Each will have a certain niche.

TOP-6 Best Vegan Protein Bars

1. No Cow Protein Bar

No Cow Protein Bars

This protein bar contains very little caloric value for its weight. With only 190 calories it is one of the least calorie-dense varieties. But it does help curb hunger because it contains an entire 20 grams of protein. That means it increases satiety. Large amounts of protein cause a reduction in ghrelin – the hunger hormone. Therefore this bar will cause you to feel less hungry. Also, it contains 19 grams of fiber, which also contributes to the hunger-curbing properties of this bar. And with less than one gram of sugar, this bar contains no extra calories.

Pros & Cons
No sugar at all
Taste pretty good, and have many varied flavors
Very high in protein content
Too sticky for many people

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2. The Primal Pantry Protein Bars

The Primal Pantry Protein Bars

This one is considered to be the tastiest. It also comes in a variety of different flavors, including orange, berry, and espresso.

The amazingly clean ingredient list contains only natural sources of protein, such as dates, cocoa, hemp, and coconut. The bar gives 12 grams of protein, with a healthy amount of fats and carbohydrates.

With 4 grams of fat and 28 grams of carbohydrates it might be too rich for people following a keto diet, however, if you are doing a workout, then the high-calorie value is actually a benefit.

Pros & Cons
Most reviewers consider it to be the tastiest Primal bar ever
Best ingredient list – all natural
Very filling
Too hard and crunchy, so chew carefully

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3. Pegan Thin Protein Bar

Pegan Thin® Protein Bar

The bar contains only one gram of carbohydrates, making it the least calorie-dense. There are overall 170 calories in this bar. However, instead of carbohydrates, this bar contains fiber – an entire 27 grams of fiber. Also, there are 20 grams of protein in the bar, so it is very good for staving off hunger.

This bar is posed as the perfect choice for ketogenic or paleo diet followers. The fiber also has an important purpose – it improves the health of the digestive tract and improves the condition of the microbes in the intestine.

Overall this bar improves digestive health and is good for weight loss.

Pros & Cons
Good protein content for the price
Comes in many different flavors
All ingredients are natural
Not very tasty – more like a food substitute than real food

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4. Trek Protein Flapjacks Range

Trek Protein Flapjacks Range Mixed

These bars are made predominantly of oat and soy protein, with a large share of apple juice concentrate for natural sweetening.  There is also a multitude of interesting varied ingredients included, such as raspberry bits, banana pieces, and raisins. The bar comes packaged in a large box with 18 bars, with 6 diverse flavors. All contain 10 grams of protein each.

The bars are praised for their good price, high protein content, natural ingredients, and taste. All six varieties taste very good, and the diversity makes them a great option.

Pros & Cons
Very tasty and diverse flavors
Come in a large box and are very affordable
The bars contain a variety of fruit and berry pieces
Not very much protein

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5. GoMacro MacroBar

GoMacro MacroBar Organic Vegan Protein Bars - Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip

This bar has a high-calorie count – 270, and 12 grams of protein. This is important when growing muscle mass because the body needs both calories and protein after a workout. But this product has another interesting benefit. The MacroBar is rich in BCAA amino acids, which stimulate muscle growth. BCAA also reduces damage done to muscle fibers after training.

Pros & Cons
All the varieties taste great
Contains BCAA
Good for staving off hunger
Too much carbohydrate for some

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6. Grenade Carb Killa Go Nuts

Grenade Carb Killa Go Nuts

This vegan protein bar is aimed at children, and they contain a remarkably low amount of sugar – only 2 grams. The flavor is also praised by most reviewers. The 40-gram bar offers 10 grams of protein per bar. The product also gives 6.5 grams of fiber per serving.

There are 10 grams of fat, which is moderately high. However, all the fat included is natural, and it will only benefit your health.

Most of the fat and protein comes from nuts, which are also the source of many rare vitamins and minerals. Overall this bar is a great choice for children of any age.

Pros & Cons
Healthy fat content
Only organic sources of protein
Great taste
Only 10 grams of protein

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Hungry young sports woman eating protein bars

When is the best time to eat protein bars?

Even though this question has been debated for years, it is still hard to say what the answer is. There are three times to eat a protein bar – right before a workout, right after one, or in between workouts. The best way out would be to eat three protein bars a day – that way you would refuel your body with protein after the workout and keep up your protein uptake during the day.

How to choose the best vegan protein bar for weight loss?

To that end simply select a bar with a low-calorie count, and preferably with a big share of protein and fiber. That will make the bar more filling, as the fiber fills you up and the protein is very good at increasing satiety.

How to choose the best vegan protein bar for building muscles?

A bar for bodybuilding should definitely contain a lot of protein. Here you can have more carbohydrates than usual because your body does need the extra energy. So the only real qualifier for a bodybuilding protein bar is the amount of protein.

Is a vegan protein bar worth buying?

The overall conclusion is – yes, it is. A vegan always has trouble getting the right amount of protein, meanwhile, protein is necessary for leading a healthy lifestyle.

So yes, protein bars are worth the money, if you do intend on leading a vegan lifestyle. They are a quick and portable source of protein, a great snack and most of them are very tasty. And, most importantly, they are healthy, and will definitely benefit your health.




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