World Vegan Day 2024. What Is The History + Ideas To Celebrate

World Vegan Day: Meaning, History, Activites. Is Veganism Dying?!

It’s our time to shine, vegans! Mark your calendar for November 1st as it is World Vegan Day, an annual event created to celebrate a vegan lifestyle, and encourage others to join in too. The planet needs us more than ever, so what better time to learn than now?

Since World Vegan Day first started, there has been an incredible change over the years. You can find an alternative to pretty much anything you enjoyed before and many restaurants have their vegan menus too.

It’s much easier to find out all the information you need with the internet full of tips, tricks, and advice on where to start.

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So, what is World Vegan Day exactly and where did it all begin? Read more to get the full insight on this worldwide event.

The Meaning Of World Vegan Day

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This special day was made for vegans around the world to reflect on how far they’ve come and to recognize the progress that has been made everywhere. It hasn’t always been simple to find a plant-based option, but now we are fortunate enough to have many choices. This is what makes World Vegan Day so profound and necessary.

It allows us to notice how much has changed, and what differences can be made in the future. A day to highlight our achievements and the benefits of a vegan lifestyle, many find this the perfect opportunity to educate and inform others on how we can help ourselves and the planet.

History of World Vegan Day

To further honor The Vegan Society’s 50th birthday in 1994, chairman Louise Wallis decided to hold World Vegan Day on November 1st. This also falls into World Vegan Month in November, proving to be a great way to show that you can live an animal-free diet even during holiday seasons.

Through the years veganism has often been seen as a trend or a fad, but it is quite the opposite. Every day a different brand introduces a new vegan product because the demand is increasing hugely. This means that those who celebrate World Vegan Day or anyone just starting are often spoilt for choice!

World Vegan Day Facts

Louise Wallis, the ex-President of The Vegan Society, has stated that creating World Vegan Day was her proudest accomplishment while working for the company.

Five percent of the world is vegetarian, with half of those identifying as vegan.

More celebrities are becoming vegan, and many regularly talk about it on their social media channels.

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Donald Watson, who founded The Vegan Society in November 1944 was also the creator of the word ‘Vegan’!

Why We Love World Vegan Day

There have been times in the past where it’s been impossible to find vegan foods when searching for any, but that isn’t the case anymore. World Vegan Day gives us a real chance to look back at where we started to where we are now.

We can see all of the accomplishments and hard work that we’ve put into being vegan. It brings real joy to acknowledge all the animals that have been saved and will continue to be in the future.

Not to mention that it’s the one day we can really indulge in all the tasty treats because we’re striving and helping to make the planet a better place to live.

How To Celebrate World Vegan Day

There’s no set way on how to celebrate, it’s all down to you. If you feel like showing off your brilliant cooking skills, why not host a dinner party? Perhaps a new vegan joint has opened that you haven’t visited, how about indulging in something delicious? There could be events going on around you too. As long as you remember how amazing you are for being vegan, I say why not treat yourself!

Try A Recipe

Spring Veggie Wraps
Spring Veggie Wraps

There are many recipes out there that are waiting to be tried and tasted, from a simple dish to something more challenging, if you want to try making your favorite vegan food you can find plenty online. Cooking is what makes going vegan slightly easier, though it isn’t essential, it certainly helps to be able to knock something up if you’re feeling hungry.

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Take A Pledge

Why not go the whole way to committing to a vegan lifestyle and take one of the many pledges available. There are plenty to pick from that will guide you step-by-step on how to make your journey easier.

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Host A Vegan Party

The way to many people’s hearts is through their stomachs, who doesn’t love a table full of delicious snacks, foods, and desserts? To celebrate world vegan day you could throw a party to show all your friends and family how fun and easy the diet can be.

Grocery stores near you will have shelves full of plant-based goodness which will blow everyone away. Now we’re approaching the seasonal months, you can mix it up with some pumpkin treats or festive foods for those Christmassy moods!


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Final Thoughts

Millions around the world will be celebrating their vegan journey and how far they have come. How are you going to spend the day?

Whether you’ve been vegan a week, or for 5+ years, you deserve to be applauded for your effort, so be sure to give kindness to yourself.

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