Veganuary 2022: How To Survive The Challenge. Tips And Tricks

Veganuary: What You Could Benefit From Taking The Pledge And All The Tips On How To Get Started Right Away

We now live in a time where people are changing, becoming conscious of where food comes from and how our lifestyle choices don’t just affect us, but those around us too. The word ‘vegan’ is being used more often, followed by the impact it can have on the earth – but it isn’t always a walk in the park to get there.

Veganuary has helped many individuals with their vegan journeys, showing us all how easy it is to begin and maintain, despite any difficulties.

It’s hard to know where to start sometimes when there is so much to learn. Where do we go when we lack information? Fortunately, everything you need to know can be found in one place.

Here is all you need to know about Veganuary and why it would be such a great help to you.

What is Veganuary

Vegan and vegitarian diet eating and cooking at home

Veganuary is a non-profit organization that encourages people to become vegan from January and onwards. From start to finish they provide recipes, restaurant recommendations, shopping tips, and much more.

They offer a great deal of support all throughout your experience and understand that not everyone will be the same. Every year they become even more popular, but always keep the same goal in mind, which is to save our animals, help our people, and fix the planet.

Immersed in a world full of guidance and many other newcomers, the transition to becoming vegan will be smooth sailing and an ideal way to connect with others in the same boat.

What does Veganuary support?

Veganuary supports working towards a world that is free of animal harm, helping people’s health improve as well as fighting climate change. Every bit of work they do contributes to a healthier and happier earth.

To quote Veganuary ‘Our vision is simple, we want a vegan world’, they acknowledge the current state of our earth and all the beings who live on it. With this understanding, they work hard to advise those who take part and make sure to keep it a positive, non-judgmental experience.

Where did it all start?

Veganuary originally began in 2014 when two compassionate people decided they wanted to make a change in the vegan world and start up what has become a remarkable project.

Co-founders Jane Land and Matthew Glover took on the task of helping people on their way to a different life and have along the way added more people to build what has become known worldwide.

Veganuary is a complete asset to the vegan world and makes it much easier to be a part of. Over the years it has grown in success and has inspired so many people to get involved and made a difference to many people, all over the globe.

Veganuary Facts/Statistics

The 2021 year has been huge for Veganuary, it has in fact been their biggest year yet. In this year alone, they have hit their biggest accomplishments yet.

  • More than 582,000 people signed up from 209 countries and territories
  • 2 million animals were saved from suffering
  • Veganuary’s social media channels had a combined reach of 224 million 
  • A survey done for participants states that 85% of those who took part in 2021 plan to at least half their intake of animal products permanently, including 40% who plan to stay completely vegan.

Why do Veganuary?

Animal agriculture is the leading cause of global warming, this ultimately means our climate is not in the best state and is getting worse. It’s up to us to change this and make better decisions, not just for the environment but also for our own health.

The impact veganism has on our lifestyle is so profound. A vegan diet is packed full of nutrients, essential vitamins, and low in saturated fats, giving your health quite the boost. This is the perfect stepping stone to living a more wholesome and eco-friendly life.

Many have been in your shoes too, so there will be empathy towards any troubles you may face. It is not just physical benefits you will gain, it is also mental – because it won’t only be helping you, you are helping many others too.

How To Go Vegan (Veganuary Book)

veganuary the book

Read also: “How to become vegan” and “Why Go Vegan: A Simple Introduction to Veganism

In 2017, Veganuary published their very own book ‘How To Go Vegan’ which is packed with useful tips on how to live a more ethical, kinder lifestyle. Covering everything from planning mealtimes, how to save money but still make a delicious meal, to maintaining a diet that is full of protein, iron, and other nutrients. Along with many other interesting topics, there is so much to be learned in this book.

Aside from their book, Veganuary also has many other ways of helping those who are wanting to transition. On Facebook they’ve got a group dedicated to those starting out, it’s a brilliant idea if you are not entirely sure where to begin and want to talk to like-minded people.

They are across other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram so if that is more your style, they are always posting tips, news & many other interesting things amongst their platforms.

In this day and age, there’s plenty out there if you’d like to try going vegan, the internet has become more resourceful than ever!

Check the current price

Meal Planning

Man cutting celery and cooking vegan fresh salad with vegetables for dinner

Veganuary has a variety of recipes. You can find breakfast, lunch, and dinner ideas as well as snacks and sweet treats – so if you’re in the mood to try something different or a little more interesting, they have totally got you covered.

It is a little tough sometimes to know where to start when it comes to cooking, especially if you’re just starting out –  but with the help of their meal plans, you will be able to create a total masterpiece in the kitchen.

For more information on finding a cookbook for your tasting needs, there is a whole list of recommended books that can be found here: Vegan Cookbooks, so you never have to feel unsure about what to cook next.

I’m intrigued, what else can I do?

With it being known that the vegan world is ever-growing, you aren’t limited to a few options. Many other charities and organizations can lend a hand when in need and do amazing work in spreading the message.

Other brilliant charities can be found here, all that will encourage and advise you greatly: Best Vegan Charities

Believe that you can do it, and you will

Veganuary’s aim is to ensure that people don’t struggle when joining. It can be hard to alter your way of life if you’re so used to something different. They have so many resources and ideas so that you don’t feel overwhelmed with all things vegan.

If you’re out there and considering signing up. It is a really good idea! Your body will thank you along with the planet and all of the animals. It’s a wonderful organization to be part of so why not join in today?

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Lily Jaynie

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