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Why Is Gelatin Not Vegan?

I have been doing research on the internet about why gelatin is not vegan. I have found many reasons but none that I can understand. If you could explain it to me in a simple way that would be great. I am looking for an easy way to explain this to my girlfriend who is a vegetarian.


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    The short answer is that gelatin is derived from animal bone or cartilage. In the United States, gelatin is used in processed foods like ice cream and gelatin dessert recipes. Gelatin is also commonly added to vegan ice creams and puddings as a stabilizer. However, many other countries are not so accommodating and consider gelatin to be a meat product.

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    Gelatin is made from animal bones.

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    Gelatin is derived from the collagen that’s found in the skin and bone of animals. Hemoglobin, which is found in blood and muscle, can also be used to make gelatin.

    Unsurprisingly, it’s not vegan-friendly because there are no animal products present as ingredients for this particular food product. If you’re looking to veganize gelatin, try using plant-based sources such as konjac flour or agar-agar powder to help achieve those chewy characteristics.

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    Gelatin is a derivative of collagen, which is a non-vegan product.

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    Gelatin is not a vegan product, as it is obtained from animal body parts that contain collagen.Vegans and vegetarians don’t buy these products, because animals have to die to create them.

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