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Why Is Diet Pepsi Not Vegan?

I want to order some pepsi diet zero, but the company that makes it (Diet Pepsi) says its not vegan. I can’t find anything on their website or in any of their product descriptions about what’s in it. The ingredients are listed on the bottom of the bottle, but they’re all non-vegan. Diet Pepsi has always been made with aspartame, but why is diet pepsi not vegan?


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    Well, it turns out that Pepsi uses fish bladder to create its caramel coloring. The Caramel coloring isn’t just in Diet Pepsi though; it’s also in many other sodas like coke, which actually contains three different types of fish scales in its caramel coloring.

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    We can’t call it vegan because the artificial ingredients are not actually derived from plants.

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    According to an official statement from PepsiCo, regular Pepsi and Pepsi Max are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Diet Pepsi is only suitable for vegetarians as it contains traces of ingredients that are not suitable for people following a vegan diet.


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