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Why Is Beer Not Vegan?

I have been researching the vegan lifestyle and I was wondering why is beer not vegan? I read that it contains enzymes that are not vegan. Can you explain this to me?


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    Some beers are not in any way vegan, why, a few brewers add finings to their brews which are obtained by killing or exploiting animals. Some of the ingredients they add to the beers may include,
    Which by all means categorizes some or most beers as non-vegan.

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    Actually beer is made barley malt, water, hops and yeast and so its main ingredients would normally be suitable for vegans. It is during the processing where it can come into contact with animal derived products. The good news is, you can be vegan and still enjoy beer, you can find lists on the internet of the companies who do not use animal products in the processing of their beer.

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