What Margarine Is Vegan?

I recently found out that most margarines are not vegan. Some even say “made with animal fat” on their labels. What margarine is vegan?

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    Whole Earth Soft Stirred Margarine contains no animal-derived ingredients. Brands like Country Crock are also vegan-friendly because they use vegetable oils in the formulation of their product. For more natural margarine that starts with vegetables rather than heavily processed oils, Earth Balance offers a line of vegan options too!

    Your local natural food store will have additional brands to choose from.

    Good luck on your quest to find the perfect butter replacement!

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    There are many vegan margarine’s available on the market. In the United States, you can buy brands such as Earth Balance or Spectrum that are certified vegan. The company Website is https://www.earthbalancenatural.com/spreads.

    In Europe, there is a brand called Flora pro-activ which has been approved by the vegan society and is sold in all major grocery stores so it will be easy for you to find one if you live in Europe. The company website of that brand is https://www.pro-activ.com/en-au/products/flora-proactiv-original.

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    I highly recommend the Earth Balance soy-free organic buttery sticks, which you can purchase at Whole Foods or Walmart.

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