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What Is The Difference Between Vegan And Plant Based?

I am new to the vegan lifestyle. What is the difference between vegan and plant based? I have tried to research both but it seems like they are the same thing. Can you explain the differences to me?

Polina Zueva
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Certified nutritionist. Vegan for more than 10 years. Pole dance instructor. Fitness Athlete.

With a vegan diet, you don’t eat any animal products (meat, fish, seafood, poultry, dairy food, and honey). A plant-based diet does not exclude these products, it is just focused mostly on plant-based products (vegetables, fruits, whole grains, plant-based oils, nuts and seeds, tofu), but it can include some animal products as well.


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    A vegan lifestyle and plant-based diet are quite similar but in some way they are different from each other. In a vegan lifestyle eating animal-based products like meat, fish, egg, seafood, etc is strictly excluded, one only has to eat plant-based products like fruits, vegetables, nuts, etc. In a plant-based diet, one can eat animal-based products of your choice like honey, milk, etc. A vegan lifestyle also excludes clothing or cosmetics made out of the animal, while plant-based doesn’t exclude these.

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    So a vegan is someone that does not eat any food derived from an animal or any products from animals. Whereas someone who eats plant-based products may still consume animal products. SO the difference in my opinion would be that Vegan eliminates ALL animal products and bi-products whereas a plant-based diet would not necessarily eliminate all animal products. Hope this makes sense.

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