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What Is An Industrial Vegan?

What does it mean to be an industrial vegan? I have heard this term thrown around, but what exactly does it mean? I know that most vegans are “clean” eaters, but what does that mean?


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    Many people would be hesitant to define an “industrial vegan” for fear that animals might get hurt. However, I love animals too much to keep this term private.

    An industrial vegan is someone who spends 6 hours per day on social media talking about how meat/dairy/eggs are the worst thing in the world while simultaneously posting pictures of their chocolate croissant and drinking almond milk cappuccino.

    They’ll tell you all about dairy’s cruel treatment of cows while scrolling past ads on their newsfeed for beef burgers, pork chops, or bacon without even feeling conflicted.

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    Industrial vegans tend to be more concerned about whether plant food contains some sort of animal product rather than if it supports the lives and wellbeing of animals. Those who adhere to this ideology are free from cooking skills, live on convenience foods, often have multiple health problems related to paleo diet restrictions, and only buy pre-packaged processed foods from the store. In other words, they’re usually grocery store employees.

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    An industrial vegan is someone who eats mostly vegan but doesn’t care about whether they are eating healthy.

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    An industrial vegan is likely someone who follows a plant-based diet and avoids processed food products that are a result of factory farming.

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