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Is Whey Protein Vegan?

Does whey protein contain casein? What about vegan whey protein? If you know, could you please tell me?


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    Whey protein is a dairy product. In order to be vegan, you must avoid any animal products at all costs. So, therefore, whey protein cannot be considered vegan because it comes from milk from an animal.

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    Whey Protein is not vegan because whey is derived from dairy. However, it is possible to be a vegan and still use the protein powder through the process called fractionation.

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    No, whey protein is not vegan. Whey protein is a creamer byproduct derived from the cheese-making process and it contains cow’s milk solids which are bad for your digestive system in large quantities.

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    no whey protein is in the dairy category so it can not be vegan.

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