Is Vegan The Future?

The question I ask myself everyday is “Will Veganism be the future”. We have animal testing and factory farming which is not good for the planet or animals. I think that the number of vegans will grow and will be able to make a difference on this planet. What do you think?


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    Yes! We will soon have a planet where there will be no animal products or exploitation, because we will be eating plants.

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    Synthesized analogs of meat, such as BeyondMeat, have already begun to appear, and soon, I hope, substitutes will become so good and useful in their composition that people will easily live without natural meat.

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    Definitely! In the past few years there have been a lot of people who eat a vegan diet because of health reasons, environmental concerns, animal rights, etc. But also the vegan movement has become very political and is associated with many non-health based issues. In other words, it’s not about being healthy at all but it’s more about a moral lifestyle.

    Humanity is evolving and more and more comes to the policy of non-violence. In the future, killing animals will surely be considered as immoral as killing people now.

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