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Is Vegan Lactose Free?

Is vegan lactose free? My mom is a vegetarian but is a very picky eater. I want to convince her to become vegan. I am wondering if the vegan diet has any side effects. I am curious if anyone knows if it is lactose free. Thanks


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    Yes. Vegans consume dairy products with little or no casein protein, such as lactose free milk, non-dairy yogurt, and cheese. Many vegans choose to consume these products because they are usually low in fat and contain beneficial calcium, vitamin D, and other nutrients.

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    Yes, it is! If you have dairy intolerance and you cannot digest lactose, then you can safely eat products like cheese.

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    Dairy products are the most common sources of lactose in the US diet. Dairy contains about 50% lactose, the other 50% being protein and fat. So technically it is lactose free. However, dairy does not contain all of the nutrients that milk provides. For example, it does not have calcium, vitamin D, or protein.

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