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Is Tahini Vegan?

I have a question about tahini. I have been reading up on the vegan diet and I am wondering if the tahini that I am using is vegan. I have not been able to find the ingredient list on the product itself. I have looked at all of the ingredients, and there is no animal products. If I am not mistaken, it does not say organic. Can you tell me if it’s vegan or not or how to understand it?


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    The short answer is yes. While some versions of it may contain yogurt products, traditional Tahini is vegan and is primarily made from almond or peanut butter

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    Generally, yes. For any store bought option, if dairy isn’t listed as an ingredient or potential allergen, it’s vegan friendly. If you are concerned, you can make your own simply by grinding sesame seeds and adding some oil, salt, and whatever spices your heart desires! I almost always use store bought though – Ziyad is a great brand if you see it where you live!

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