Is Sourdough Bread Vegan?

I was at the grocery store today and saw a loaf of sourdough bread. It said “100% Whole Grain”. It looked tasty so I bought it. My question is, is that bread still vegan? I know that sourdough bread is made with a starter. So, can you tell me what kind of starter they use and if the bread is still vegan?


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    Vegans have their pick when it comes to plant-based breads, and sourdough often tops the list. That’s because almost all sourdough bread is vegan-friendly. With very few exceptions, sourdough doesn’t include any non-vegan ingredients. It is full of naturally occurring yeast and bacteria that give sourdough its unique texture and taste and keep baked goods that have sourdough fresher for longer.

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    Yes at least for most types of sourdough bread, they happen to be vegan. Why that is, is because its made from flour mixed with water, bread flour, salt, and water. And there is absolutely no dairy in it, but you should watch out for other types of sourdough bread, and if they happen to have more ingredients than mentioned above, then theres a possibility its not vegan.

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    Sourdough bread is non-vegan because it is made from flour, water, salt, and sometimes commercial baker’s yeast. It’s uncommon but some use milk instead of water making them not vegan.

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