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Is Soda Vegan?

I am wondering about drinking soda. When I was younger I had a soda addiction, and I would drink anything that came out of a can. After I became vegan I started to see things differently. I don’t see how drinking soda is healthy. But is it really vegan?


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    Yes, but soda is made from corn syrup and is sweetened with aspartame. It has been proven to cause health issues for some people, especially people with type 2 diabetes. So if you’re looking for a healthy drink, opt for water, tea or coffee instead.

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    Some people think soda is vegan. In fact, when you look at the ingredients on your favorite soda, you’ll often find that it’s made from water, carbonated water, sugar, phosphoric acid (a food grade acid), and various other minerals and chemicals.

    When these ingredients are taken from plants, they are labeled as such. Soda made from plant-based materials is called “diet” or “sugar free” soda.

    So, yes, most sodas are vegan-friendly.

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    It depends on how it’s made. Most brands of soda – both carbonated and non-carbonated – are made with sugar, artificial sweeteners, and other additives. However, the organic ones usually have only a few ingredients like water, cane sugar, and natural flavors.

    As long as the soda doesn’t contain any animal products or byproducts, it’s vegan. Some brands of soda can be found in stores that are vegan-friendly.

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    There areany sodas that are vegan like Pepsi and coca cola and some that are not such as 7up and mountain dew.

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