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Is Ramen Vegan?

What brand of ramen noodles are vegan? Is it possible to make a meal out of just ramen noodles? I have heard that ramen noodles can be made without eggs, milk or butter.


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    There are so many flavors available of Ramen noodles. Some of them are not vegan, But there are two flavors available including sauce and chili which comes in vegan. Basically, instant ramen noodles made with oil and wheat flour, noodles have NO animal products. Therefore we can say Ramen are Vegan.
    And Yes, you can definitely make a meal with just ramen noodles.

    I hope you found this answer helpful! Have a great day ahead. Stay safe! Stay healthy.

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    I don’t really know if there are brands of ramen noodles that are vegan, but mostly ramen noodles are vegan. Although many instant ramen sell packages flavored with chicken, beef, seafood, etc. But the ramen noodles themselves are vegan. As for the making of ramen noodles, the typical ingredients are wheat-based flour, water, oil, salt, or kansui. Kansui is alkaline mineral water, often used in place of salt. And lastly, you can make a meal out of ramen noodles, like ramen noodles stir fry, chicken ramen noodles, hamburger ramen noodle skillet, and more. 🙂

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