Is Molasses Vegan?

My son is allergic to soy. He also has a gluten allergy. My son is on a very strict diet. He does not eat dairy or eggs. He does not eat wheat or corn. This is because of his allergy to soy. I have been reading that molasses has gluten in it, but I’m not 100% sure. Could you please let me know if molasses is vegan or not?


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    Though molasses contains no animal products, it’s still a by-product of a production process that exploits animals, so any molasses made by a facility that uses bone char may be considered non-vegan. Some vegans stay away from bone-char processed sugar, while others don’t.

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    Molasses is not vegan because it is typically made in a facility that uses animal products in production. So although it is technically vegan, you cannot trust that it has not been mixed unintentionally with non-vegan products.

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    Usually molasses is a vegan product, as it is made from refining sugars such as cane sugar or beet sugar. However, it is not, as a rule, vegan. It could possibly contain other ingredients that are non-vegan. Some vegans also take into consideration that it is typically manufactured in a facility that is non-vegan.

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