Is Miso Soup Vegan?

I recently discovered that miso soup is made of soybeans. It says it’s “vegan” on the front of the package but the ingredients say milk. I would love to know if it’s ok to drink miso soup or not.


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    Yes. It’s actually one of my favorite recipes and it uses miso paste, which is fermented soybeans.

    A vegan version of miso soup would be to substitute the miso with tempeh.

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    Miso soup is vegan because it’s usually made from vegetables (mostly tofu) and other ingredients which are not animal products.

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    It depends on what type of miso you are talking about. Most misos are vegan because they are made from rice, soybeans, or barley. A few are made with eggs though.

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    Miso soup is traditionally made with simple, light ingredients. It’s supposed to be a light, relaxing soup in Japan usually served as an oriental medicine. In a miso soup, the recipe can be altered to be vegan such as using a different soup base differing from using dashi (fish), it can be instead replaced with fermented soybean paste. But when you go to a restaurant to order a miso soup, most likely you will not get a vegan soup because most likely a traditional Japanese restaurant will use dashi as the base of the soup.

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    Miso soup is made from soybean.

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