Is Margarine Vegan?

Is margarine vegan? I have read that it contains animal fat. I am not sure about this. I was wondering if someone could let me know. I would like to know if it is vegan.


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    No. Just like animal milk, the majority of margarine’s fat is produced from animal sources. For vegans and vegetarians alike, it makes more sense to choose plant-based alternatives such as vegetable oil instead of regular butter or margarine.

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    Margarine is vegan because it’s derived primarily from plant oils. It doesn’t contain any dairy products.

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    Margarine is not vegan because it contains milk and therefore breaks an unofficial rule of the vegan diet.

    Margarine can’t be considered vegan. Some kinds of margarine may use vegetable oil instead of animal fat, but fillers like milk and egg to make them creamier means there’s also dairy and egg proteins in your spread.

    Take a look at the ingredients list before you buy! If you’re vegan, opt for better substitutes like plant-based walnut spreads or olive oil mayonnaise as a healthier alternative to butter or regular dressings that are way too heavy on the fats.

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    A vegan diet by definition is a strict vegetarian diet with nothing from animals, including no eggs and no dairy. Some vegans also extend that to include such items as honey and ghee.

    Margarine can be considered vegan if it does not contain any animal products in the ingredients list. Be aware, though, that most margarine is not 100% vegetarian or vegan-friendly because of a process called “partial hydrogenation,” which can contain some heart-harming saturated fats. This is bad for you on many levels!

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