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Is Indian Food Vegan?

Indian food is one of the most delicious foods in the world. Would it be possible to get all the great tastes of India with out eating meat or eggs? Is Indian food vegan?


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    There are many options to choose from in Indian food. There are many dishes that could be made without any milk ingredients. Also there are many Indian cuisines especially from the north east India that is both good in taste and made without any oil, ghee, simple boiled ingredients but with awesome taste.

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    India has wide variety of dishes which differs from state to state. In some states consumption of meat is very less whereas some states include meat and dairy products in day to day basis. Indian food on a whole is not vegan but a mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian out of which very less percentage is vegan

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    This is definitely a loaded question, as vegan food and meat are present in almost all cultures. So no, Indian food is not exclusively vegan. With that said, it’s safe to say a lot of Indian food IS vegan, being a place where beef is uncommonly eaten and non-meat curry exists in abundance. If you are ordering American-Indian take-out I’d be careful for the use of ghee specifically, as that is not vegan. Most (if not all) American-Indian restaurants offer vegan items, or items that can easily be veganized.

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