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Is Hoisin Sauce Vegan?

I am new to being vegan and have recently had some hoisin sauce. I have read on a couple of sites that hoisin sauce is not vegan. I have also found that it is made with soy. Is that right? If so, can you please tell me what brand of hoisin sauce is vegan?


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    Hoisin, which comes from the Chinese word for seafood, can actually be used on anything. It’s actually pretty rare to see it used on seafood. It goes great with rice and veggies and I love to get it on the side when I order take out.Traditionally, it’s made from fermented soybean paste and a combination of sweeteners, vinegar, sesame oil, garlic and other spices. It is not made with any animal products and is therefore suitable for vegans and vegetarians, although it is traditionally served with Peking duck, a Cantonese dish. Since it is typically made with soybeans, you would have to look for a soy-free version made with a different bean if you are eliminating soy from your diet.
    “Furthermore, in my opinion, homemade is always best. Not only is it healthier to make your own version (nobody wants to eat preservatives, refined sugar, and artificial coloring) but it’s often also cheaper!”

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    The vegan sauce is super important and healthy, it is the perfect complement to food and gives excellent flavor, currently, it is the option that I make and I recommend it.

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    Hoisin sauce is really a thick tart natural product sauce made with figs, cranberries, plums, or cherries. Its base fixings are garlic, ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar, and honey. Sriracha might be added for hotness and fish sauce can be added whenever wanted however is, for the most part, made to suit a more extensive sense of taste.
    This sauce is served hot and utilized for plunging for faint total or spread over root vegetables and cooked, it very well may be utilized in a pan-fried food with tofu, chicken, or hamburger wraps produced using Asian flapjacks or lettuce for plunging.
    However there is a wide assortment of fixings that can be added to suit the specific dish, it is made simpler by utilizing a blender to prodigy everything together and warming with a touch of corn starch until percolating and thickened.

    It’s a well-known southern Chinese sauce and is generally utilized in Cantonese cooking. According to Wikipedia, Hoisin is really the Chinese word for “fish”, be that as it may, the sauce doesn’t contain any fish fixings, so it’s normally vegetarian.

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