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Is Glycerin Vegan?

Is glycerin vegan? Is it safe to use as an ingredient in baking?


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    The answer is ambiguous. There are two main types of Glycerin – the one that is derived from the plant material and denatured to exclude glucose or other sugars, and Glysophate which is derived from animal fat.

    Most people think the former type should be considered vegan because this one does not contain any animal products in its production process. But it’s not so easy when you consider the laws set forth by the FDA for all food labels, which state that Glysophate can’t be labeled as ‘vegan’ if there’s even a trace amount of animals products in there.

    So each company will have their own opinion on that matter because they’re ultimately responsible for what goes into their product labeling.

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    No. Glycerin is a petroleum product (glycerol)

    Glycerin, one of the three fatty acids in animal fats which is combined with water and sodium chloride to form soap, may be synthetically obtained from propylene oxide or ethylene oxide which are products of petroleum refining. It is also derived from palm oil.

    Ethanol, butanol, and pentanal can also serve as substitutes for glycerol when making soaps or biodiesel on an industrial scale. Glycerin is not only used in the manufacture of soaps but it’s added – usually mixed with alcohol – to cosmetics like moisturizers and sunscreens to keep them moist on the skin’s surface or help dissolve ingredients.

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    No, glycerin is not vegan. Glycerin can come from lipids that are derived from non-vegan sources like beef or eggs, or it can be synthesized in chemical laboratories to make the animal fat-based glycerin plant-based.

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