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Is Ghee Vegan?

Does ghee contain any animal fat? I have seen this question asked on different websites but no one really answers the question or gives a clear answer.


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    Some would disagree, but I personally believe that Ghee is vegan because the process of removing milk solids does not involve animal-derived enzymes or dairy materials.

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    One common cause of veganism is not eating animal products. Ghee can be made by stripping away the butterfat from butter, allowing gold lactose crystals to form, which are then skimmed off and filtered to produce pure ghee. So yes, it’s vegan.

    I have sometimes seen vegan caterers asking where the butterfat comes from that they use for their non-dairy butter because apparently there are no dairy farms near their venue so they didn’t know where it came from… But still, I’ve never seen anyone ask about this for ghee – which has even less animal product content than regular “vegan” butter.

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    Ghee is clarified butter which has gone through many processes in order to remove the whey and casein proteins from it.

    So, no, it’s not vegan.

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