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Is Flour Vegan?

Can you tell me if the flour that you get in the store is vegan? If not, could you please suggest a brand that you know is vegan? I am looking for flour to use for my cake decorating.


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    Yes, most flour is vegan.

    Most flour comes from wheat, which is almost always grown with chemical fertilizers and is generally genetically modified. So it’s safe to assume that the vast majority of both whole-wheat and white flours are vegan (though not gluten-free).

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    Yes, Flour is vegan. It’s a powdery substance made up of grain, like wheat or rice.

    Remarkably few grains are not vegan nowadays. All the most popular types (wheat, oats, corn) are either inherently vegan or can be easily converted to make them so with the addition of ingredients like baking soda. The only common one that differs in this way is soybean flour which contains eggs in order to produce better binding properties when used for frying and baking purposes.

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    Yes and no. Most (not all) flour is made from wheat which many vegans avoid eating, even if it is the only grain they can eat.

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    YES, since flour is made from grains and cannot be animal-based (no meat in flour).

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    That depends on where you’re from and what meaning you ascribe to the word “vegan.”

    In order for a food to be vegan in the UK, it must not contain any animal products or by-products. In this sense, flour is not vegan because it contains wheat gluten which comes from wheat, one of the eight most common allergens. But in order for a product to be considered vegan by The Vegan Society, it means that absolutely no animals were harmed at any stage during production and that could include flour (for instance if the wheat was harvested without killing insects or trapping wild birds).

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    Flour is vegan although it typically contains gluten, which comes from wheat.

    The good news is that there are many alternatives to flour available on the market today. A few notable options include an almond meal or almond flour (made of ground almonds), chickpea (or garbanzo bean) flour (made of ground beans), and oat flour (from old-fashioned oats). None of these alternatives contain gluten.

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    Flour is from plants, so from a strictly vegan perspective… Flour is a 100% vegan product!

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