Is Falafel Vegan?

Is falafel vegan? I was thinking of buying some at a restaurant and not eating it because of the cheese, but now I’m worried that it may contain animal products. I know it’s the Middle East but still…


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    Yes, falafel is, normally and usually, vegan. Falafel is most commonly made with chickpeas/garbanzo beans, spices, onion, tahini (water, lemon juice, spices), and vegetable oil. This link is a great example of “typical” falafel ingredients:

    If falafel is not vegan, it is because the chef had unconventionally added animal product that is not normally used, i.e. butter or feta cheese (made from sheep’s milk). If you are unsure at a restaurant, you can always ask if the falafel was made with butter or cheese. Again, it is HIGHLY unlikely that an animal product is used in falafel.

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