Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

I am a vegan and I eat chocolate quite often. What kind of chocolate should I avoid? Is dark chocolate vegan? Please help!


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    Yes, all cocoa is vegan. Some people believe that dark chocolate has more health benefits than milk chocolate. However, because of the added sugar, most people find dark chocolate to be too sweet and it can also be high in calories.

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    Dark chocolate is vegan as long as it doesn’t contain milk or eggs. Milk contains whey (protein), which will give the chocolate a slightly off flavor. Eggs give the chocolate body and texture, so you can’t just make a milkless chocolate. Egg-free chocolate uses a synthetic fat to create the smoothness and body, but it’s not exactly chocolate.

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    Dark chocolate contains quite a lot of sugar, so if you eat dark chocolate, you must be eating vegan.

    It’s confusing because “vegan” literally means “free of animal products,” and dark chocolate does contain cocoa butter, which is an animal product. However, for the most part when people say “dark chocolate,” they mean the Belgian variety that has almost no sugar in it. It just tastes like bitter almonds and cocoa beans! Vegan yumminess at its best!

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    Dark chocolate can be vegan if it is obtained from certain plants such as the cacao tree, but many dark chocolates contain milk or gelatin.

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    Chocolate is a plant, which means it’s vegan! But the production process typically includes dairy (sometimes cows). So not all types of chocolate can be considered vegan. Hershey’s and Nestle typically use milk, while Ghirardelli uses lactose for instance. Check the ingredients listing before you buy!

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    The cocoa beans themselves are vegan, but because chocolate is processed with milk and other animal products, it’s not considered by vegans to be a vegan item.

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