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Is Cocoa Powder Vegan?

Does cocoa powder have any dairy ingredients? I was told it doesn’t but I am not sure if that is true.


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    Yes. Cocoa powder is just ground up chocolate beans. It’s one of the few food ingredients that is 100% vegan.

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    Yes, it is. However, it is not “virgin” cocoa powder. There are several types of cocoa beans that are used to produce cocoa powder. Some of these beans are roasted and then fermented (cacao) while others are unroasted and not fermented (the raw or “crunchy” kind). Basically, all cocoa powder is not created equal…

    The main difference is roasting. Roasting brings out the bitterness in some people and the sweetness in others. To be on the safe side, always look for “cocoa powder” that is labeled “unsweetened” or “natural.”

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    Yes, it is. Cocoa powder is simply the dried and ground up beans from which cocoa liquor (the stuff that makes chocolate) was pressed out. It’s made from fermented seeds and is thus completely vegan.

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    Cocoa powder is made from fermented and dried beans. Fermented and dried means it is processed using heat which would kill most bacteria. Therefore, cocoa powder is not only vegan…

    It is also the best ingredient you can use to raise your energy levels!

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