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Is Cheese Vegan?

I heard that cheese is not vegan and I was wondering why?


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    No it is not. Cheese is produced from the milk of an animal. Animal byproducts are not allowed on a vegan diet. Soy cheese is vegan, however.

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    No, I think vegan means only for vegetables, not any meat, egg.

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    No, cheese is from cows milk! Depends whether is from an animal or not

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    Cheese is not vegan because it simply made from milk and milk is produced by cows. But this not 100% true because it can be made from soy milk too and many other non dairy milk, so from this point, it is considered vegan.

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    No cheese is not vegan because it is usually made from cows milk.

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    It depends on the ingredients of the cheese, if it is made of plant-based ingredients like soybeans, coconut, or almonds then it is vegan. if it is made from milk, then it is not vegan.

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    what I knew all cheese products are dairy resources unless some herbs interfere with them.

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    Cheese is not considered vegan since it is produced from the product of an animal. Vegan products do not include animal-related foods.

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