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Is Caramel Vegan?

I have been researching the vegan diet for the past few months. I am a pretty health-conscious person and have been trying to cut out processed food. I was wondering if it is ok to eat caramel?


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    Yes, it’s vegan and it’s delicious.

    So, caramel is made by heating sugar to a high temperature in the presence of an acid, usually cream of tartar. The acid lowers the boiling point of the sugar, thus allowing it to evaporate faster, which produces a darker color and more concentrated caramel.

    Caramel is also called hard candy or brittle, depending on how it’s prepared.

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    If the caramelized sugar is made from coconut sugar and water, then it’s vegan. The caramelization process creates the sweet taste but it does not add any dairy or egg products to the mixture.

    However, if the caramelization process requires a mixture of granulated sugar, water, and a small amount of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS), then it may contain dairy and/or eggs as well.

    It’s also important to note that some companies make caramel without the HFCS ingredient. So, be sure to look for this on the ingredients list to be sure.

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    Caramel is made from sugar and oil. The most common types of caramel are made from refined sugar and coconut oil. As a result, you can consider it vegan.

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